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Found 10 results

  1. Long time no draw

    New motorcycle draw (making of):
  2. Collage made up with stamps

    Postal artwork. Whit the rise of telecomunications meaning (internet and wireless comuncatios) the writting communication was almost lost, my myself i do no write letters with pen and papper. But in the postal service of Colombia i have made the use of stamps to send documentation using the postal service of Colombia Called 4.72. Some day i found many stamps that some relative wanted to made it trash. I stop her and i was delighted, with de desings, it colors, the age that it has making it to have a value those pices of papper lost in some room. So ther where hundrens of them, and i began to made hundres of it as collage knowing that it is an agresion to the stamp collector circle, and also i am destroying something that will be valued, like the papper money, valued for the collectors?¡?¡?¡. It is fun, I know that it has no social part, like a relational art, it´s the classic artist inside his workshop train to open a window so others can scape at least a littel time of this world and let them come into my universe. Ab1w31pKATTWnwMFBzq2qZ7pwFrFnAQmke
  3. My portafolio

    https://uliseslima.carbonmade.com/about Ab1w31pKATTWnwMFBzq2qZ7pwFrFnAQmke
  4. Hello

    I am a printmaker from Colombia who combines diverse media, blending the tradition of printmaking, open-source software, ink frottage, large formats, hand-pulled prints, collage, and street art. I use pseudonyms to avoid the blindness of ego and to search for new trends of creativity by using alter-egos or avatars. The "taller", "workshop" or "atelier" and the printmaking itself are mental concepts. I work at my dinner table or any space of my dorm with many basic materials that are close at hand or in my pocket. Ab1w31pKATTWnwMFBzq2qZ7pwFrFnAQmke
  5. gambling

    From the album Drawings

  6. the prisoner

    From the album Drawings

  7. Ana

    From the album Drawings

  8. Landscape

    From the album Drawings

  9. The sadness of death

    From the album Grapics ART