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Found 2 results

  1. Hey, .. DJ Reign here .. Used to DJ around the UK until I fell in love with making the music instead of playing it, to this day I have probably around 40 tracks, most of which are still "Not ready" lol, .. However here are a couple of my babies that I felt comfortable releasing and sharing with you folks .. Hope you like em, and if you dont then thats ok too *Ill update this post with some bells and whistles soon, but here are a couple of tunes to keep you going ArtByte Address : ASNzCw3yft8j5acfGy6vJsnzuGEfmsFPTF (Appreciate the support) W.H.A.P - (We Have A Problem) It's Going To Begin Let The Bass Kick Enjoy DJ Reign
  2. Noob Alert - Hi From The UK

    Hey there folks, Joined up a few days ago after a friend of mine (seven1964) recommended to sign up, .. Nice layout, looks like some friendly folks Anywho, among other things I like to write/produce hard trance, hard dance, acid trance techno, call it what you will, if it's fast, upbeat and a little on the dark side then I like it, I have many tracks under my belt but only released 3 to the world at this time, I hope to share these with you guys and hopefully get one or two of you tapping your feet, or maybe even get some of you out of your seats to dance violently until head loss occurrs I also understand that my taste or style in music isnt loved by everyone lol, but hey we can still be friends Either way, I look forward to sharing and chatting. I probably wont be the most active member here by any stretch as ive usually got my head stuck in a project, but I will get around to posting/uploading a few tunes. EDIT : And as a man of my words, here they are : Let me know if you like 'em ... its ok if you dont too See you around folks Cheers DJ Reign ArtByte Address : ASNzCw3yft8j5acfGy6vJsnzuGEfmsFPTF (Many Thanks)