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Found 3 results

  1. Steve in the Space

    Hi guys I am just starting to use the right way showing more informations My Blog: https://personalsprivateprojects.blogspot.com/ my twitter: @tibaldorios Artbyte address: AQAWxnXhmbW88UZghnoW2R2HuvQJdEiwkX Steve a character man in the spaces having fun with squeletor, this is the beginning of a history, hope you like it and collaborate with him. Thank you so much. AQAWxnXhmbW88UZghnoW2R2HuvQJdEiwkX wallet address to callaborate with my art
  2. Tibaldo Rios Illustrator

    Hello Artists, i am very grateful to find yours on the web, as an artist i would like to show my works and share the posibilitie to receive and give feedbacks, I am degree as Architect and my hobbie is working as illustrator creating characteres and scenaries; In my first exhibition i would like to say that spaces is the concept, my followers are free to catch what they want to think, I am just a communicator tool with my techniques; As an artist and in pro of diversity and liberty i couldnt express a specific meaning of my works, always I love the way how my followers and fans communicate their reactions and feelings about my works, and you can feel free to think and catch what you want. thank you
  3. Esqueletspace

    Esqueletor is part of my projects spaces characteres