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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Everyone, My name is Mikhail Siskoff and I'm a collage artist from Anchorage Alaska. I do mostly analog (hand cut) paper collages from vintage magazines and books such as old school textbooks that I find at thrift stores, usually from the throw-away bin, so I'm giving these materials new purpose. I try to create imaginative, surreal images that spark curiosity. I started to do collage about 2 years ago and have enjoyed every minute of it and I think I'm getting better all the time. So far I've done an art show at a local restaurant/bar and I've been featured in my local indie paper's art and entertainment section where I had a double page feature as well as the cover! I've also been commissioned to create cover art for that same paper several times. I do commission work upon request and all originals are for sale unless marked otherwise. I do some digital work and some analog film photography with antique film cameras as well. Please follow me on social media and check out my website below. Contact me if you'd like to collaborate on projects, I'm open to new ideas. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/keysgoclick/ Website: http://www.keysgoclick.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/keysgoclick/ Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nite_mike/ Wallet ID: AeyDZhPcT7XSQzxo4bMtkCRwkfEqUzABu3
  2. Restaurante con ojos de gato ediciones

    Hello this my art book work. http://rogeditorial.blogspot.com.co/?m=1 Enjoy. Ab1w31pKATTWnwMFBzq2qZ7pwFrFnAQmke
  3. Analog Paper Collages

    Knutseltroep, is a collage artist currently situated in Gouda, The Netherlands. In addition to her profession as a care attendant for the disabled, she practises the art of collage making. Knutseltroep's works are on the one hand touchingly beautiful, on the other hand painfully attractive. Sometimes her works appear idiosyncratic and quirky. AHAY7cosPWNkgaMTq3yBwPmvmnHbJWKWRW
  4. Collage made up with stamps

    Postal artwork. Whit the rise of telecomunications meaning (internet and wireless comuncatios) the writting communication was almost lost, my myself i do no write letters with pen and papper. But in the postal service of Colombia i have made the use of stamps to send documentation using the postal service of Colombia Called 4.72. Some day i found many stamps that some relative wanted to made it trash. I stop her and i was delighted, with de desings, it colors, the age that it has making it to have a value those pices of papper lost in some room. So ther where hundrens of them, and i began to made hundres of it as collage knowing that it is an agresion to the stamp collector circle, and also i am destroying something that will be valued, like the papper money, valued for the collectors?¡?¡?¡. It is fun, I know that it has no social part, like a relational art, it´s the classic artist inside his workshop train to open a window so others can scape at least a littel time of this world and let them come into my universe. Ab1w31pKATTWnwMFBzq2qZ7pwFrFnAQmke
  5. My portafolio

    https://uliseslima.carbonmade.com/about Ab1w31pKATTWnwMFBzq2qZ7pwFrFnAQmke
  6. Hello

    I am a printmaker from Colombia who combines diverse media, blending the tradition of printmaking, open-source software, ink frottage, large formats, hand-pulled prints, collage, and street art. I use pseudonyms to avoid the blindness of ego and to search for new trends of creativity by using alter-egos or avatars. The "taller", "workshop" or "atelier" and the printmaking itself are mental concepts. I work at my dinner table or any space of my dorm with many basic materials that are close at hand or in my pocket. Ab1w31pKATTWnwMFBzq2qZ7pwFrFnAQmke
  7. Introducing: Myself

    Well, hello everyone! I'm Mikhail and I just discovered Artybytes and this community when I was gifted some Artbytes on Reddit. I'm a visual artist and photographer from Anchorage Alaska and I'm probably most well known for my collage art. I make hand-cut paper collages from old magazines and books as well as an occasional digital collage. I also do a lot of analog photography from my collection of thrift store film cameras. Please check out my website: www.keysgoclick.com and if you are so inclined to tip me, my address is: AeyDZhPcT7XSQzxo4bMtkCRwkfEqUzABu3 Thank you for looking!
  8. Lustful Rabbit

    From the album Fantasy Art by Lidia Matviyenko

    From the series "Fairy tales for adults". Acrylic painting + drawing + collage.

    © Lidia Matviyenko

  9. Oh, Boys

    From the album Fantasy Art by Lidia Matviyenko

    From the series "Fairy tales for adults". Acrylic painting + graphic collage.

    © Lidia Matviyenko

  10. Wilfully blind

    From the album Fantasy Art by Lidia Matviyenko

    Artwork from the series "Etnos. Echo". Drawing + collage.

    © Lidia Matviyenko