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Found 8 results

  1. Long time no draw

    New motorcycle draw (making of):
  2. From the album My art

    Nonplaces 20, 20x30cm, mixed media on paper, 2012
  3. Yoga and dance photo

    Hi everyone, I'm a french photographer specialize in sport photography. My portfolio: www.majphotos.fr/portfolio.html Hope you appreciate my work ! ArtByte adresse: AXN7YnHZLarZkQ365cpgAEDUWoT2g99N1j
  4. Since summer is over, I made something that could warm up the cold winter days for those who love to ride.... Whether I go to sleep or I wake up with this view I know it's worth it... I don't need a reason to do it. I just love to do it...
  5. Yoga shoot

    Hi I did a yoga shoot a little while back, and here is one of my favourites. Two light setup in a quite large yoga studio. It was their hot room, which even though it had been turned off, was quite warm, so this shoot was challenging in so many ways, but also a lot of fun.
  6. "HER" collection

    "HER" – it’s a collection of paintings about “HER” in different instances, one of them with at least one point of view. Look at the painting and loose yourself in the flow of your imagination. 1st movement: 2nd movement: 4th movement: 6th movement: 7th movement: 8th movement:
  7. Yoga

    From the album Portraits

    Did a photoshoot with a Yogini in the hot room of a yoga centre. Crawled around on the floor around my tripod trying to get the perspective right was a yoga in itself :D