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Found 117 results

  1. The ArtByte Foundation is pleased to welcome Alex Likhtenstein to the Advisory Board! Alex is one of the original developers in the Bitcoin ecosystem space. He has advised multiple ICOs, helping to bring them to market. Here is a video on Fox Business News in the U.S. on April 2013, featuring Alex & his partner, Charlie Shrem: https://video.foxbusiness.com/v/2294130648001/?#sp=show-clips
  2. BUY ???? or SELL ????

    technical indicators show this time is for selling ABY's ur opinions????
  3. This week's ArtByte Artist Showcase Winner is painter, Fabian Zolar from Germany! He is the winner of 5,000 ArtByte and will be featured all week on our 150,000+ art community! Street Art How Fabian describes his work: "I am freelance visual artist from Germany. My work is all about the contemporary world we live in. Starting with Graffiti and Streetart in 1995, my style is heavily influenced by that. As well , still working on the streets with the direct connection to people, who don´t have to cross a gallery door to see my artwork, is a big inspiration and part of my work. Last years I spent many hours on working to find abstract patterns that underly letter Graffiti, found different patterns, and one of these you can see in the image posted. It is painted with acrylics on canvas and measures about 150x150 cm." You can see more of his work on the ArtByte Forum here.
  4. ICO Magazine

    ArtByte in ICO Magazine this week Read article here

    Hi everyone, Am Nangi Goodhead, a fashion designer in West Africa. my portfolio below... https://www.facebook.com/ankaracollections/ https://twitter.com/hashtag/ankaracollections ARTBYTE ADDRESS: ARQ7Fm51hKbqPuUzmUSW9zjEwjkNEHgyqQ latest female ankara collections for a friend, the ladies outit costs NGN20,000 ($53) while the babies cost NGN7,000 ($19.096)
  6. CryptoCapitalNews interviews ArtByte founder, Mike Cabaniss He answers questions about how ArtByte started, what is happening now, and where ArtByte is going. Read the full article here.
  7. First jazz Artbyte band...from Spain!!

    Hi Artbyters! We are Millennium Mambo, a brand new jazz band from Spain. We´ve just joined Artbyte, and we´ve uploaded our first album to the Artbyte music store. we´ll be uploading more music soon! http://music.artbyte.me/album/millennium-mambo/ We are looking forward to hanging out in this community and to contributing to the creative space! we´re are glad to introduce ourselves our music. Check it out also our co working proyect with the talented visual artist Irene Cruz in our website: www.millenniummambomusic.com. It´s a big proyect joining music, video, art photography and audiovisuals. Here´s a clip of our music live, so you can know us In our Youtube channel have also more live videos and a making of of the album YOu can also listen our album in Spotify if you like: Hope you like it and enjoy the music! looking forward for meeting others creators in this great space. greetings from Spain!! Artbyte wallet: AJpK1hFPkHWBsVDvS5EQZ9WvMd2Ct5mAWe
  8. Yahoo Finance article

    Read the article here: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/artbyte-2017-investment-return-data-233000816.html
  9. ArtByte by Thomas Mücke

    What is ArtByte Coin? ArtByte Coin is a way to capitalize on the emerging technology of digital currencies while providing peer-to-peer support to established and emerging artists. ArtByte Coin can be given to any artist, whether musicians, performers, directors, authors, producers, painters, photographers, designers, models or entire production teams. In addition, the location of each artist does not matter, as the token is designed for global use. In order to gain a special relevance in the market, ArtByte supports various art events. This includes, for example, the sponsorship of the decentralized Art Show, which took place on January 19, 2018, in Miami. In addition, the digital community across the globe was able to participate in this event through a live stream, which also featured a VR transmission. ArtByte Coin – more than another Altcoin The ArtByte token should be a cryptocurrency for artists and the art-loving community. The token was created especially for the support of artists. A special focus was put on the financial aspect during the development, because artists should be paid fairly by the use of this token and also become better known within the network. The acquisition of new fans also plays an important role, as they can then distribute ArtBytes as a tip so that the artists receive an additional source of income. Another important aspect of the ArtByte currency is the support of artists, taking into account their personal careers. In addition, art lovers and artists must expect no costs in the context of the network. All services are therefore funded by the ArtByte community. A special feature is the huge and very active community, which already has more than 25,000 active Twitter users talking about ArtByte, while the Facebook community has well over 75,000 members. The community consists of artists, art lovers, crypto enthusiasts, investors and traders. Other services of the ArtByte Coin network In addition to its basic features, the network also offers other benefits. For example, an online music store will be made available, through which artists can sell their music. Visitors will be able to visit this music store and buy or download music. Payment within the shop will be made through the use of ArtByte Coins or Bitcoins. Worldwide use of the platform is also possible – there are no country-specific regulations and the coin can be mined, traded and given away. Especially through an international community, the use of the ArtBytes platform should be strongly stimulated. Furthermore, the developers also offer a so-called “Tipping App”, which can be used for the distribution of tips, and support payments. This app allows the community to support artists through social networks in a simple and convenient way. Here, the Artbyte tokens can be distributed via Twitter, and “Likes” proven with real money. The artist can then transfer these tokens to their personal wallet. How does ArtByte Coin actually work? ArtByte was previously known as AppleByte and acts as a peer-to-peer currency. In doing so, ArtByte focuses on supporting artists on a financial level. The token will then be used to pay for everyday goods and services. All tokens are stored in a server; however, this data is backed up by a blockchain so all computers on the network are an integral part. By providing computing power, all computers within the network are part of a mining community. A prerequisite for the mining of ArtByte is the ArtByte wallet. Once opened, the software will use the computer's available processing power and start mining new ArtByte tokens. But even using a miner makes it possible to mine additional tokens, in which case a proof-of-stake algorithm is used. In addition to solo mining, mining pools are also supported, which have an advantage in mining due to the collective computing power. The wallet is set to pool mining, but can also be operated manually for solo mining. However, this is not recommended by the developers because both the energy efficiency and yield are much lower. How has the market capitalization of ArtByte Coin developed? ArtByte Coin was officially launched on June 12, 2014, with the initial name of AppleByte. The currency is officially traded on the markets under the abbreviation ABY. The token was first launched through an ICO, which set an issue price of $0.000197. This resulted in a market capitalization of approximately $54,096 on the first trading day. Until April 8, 2017, the currency's performance has been fairly steady, increasing market capitalization to a level of $239,237. A strong rally then began, which led to new records almost daily. Market capitalization was already $4.99 million on May 25, rising to $9.7 million a short time later. This was also an interim peak, reached on June 7, 2017. Subsequently, a consolidation was met with support at around $4 million so that a renewed uptrend could start. The rally continued until January 12, 2018, with the price per token already at $0.0399, resulting in a market capitalization of $31.6 million. Trading of ArtByte Coin Another relevant indicator of the ArtByte token is daily trading, as it converts around $98,000 daily. In addition, there are about 792 million tokens in circulation, with no fixed limit defined. Trading of the token takes place in particular between ABY and Bitcoin, but the euro is also an important trading currency. The most important trading center is Bittrex, as it accounts for around 90 percent of daily trading. reference: https://www.coin-report.net/en/artbyte-coin/
  10. Healthy Food - It's what keeps us alive

    By donating Artbyte to this address you can support the work and ideas i share with you! ATL9Mj2g8iAbFPAticaPwD4vGdqAgnPEav
  11. Review Program

    So, I think we need to set up a review for rewards program. For authors/readers (not sure how it would work for other artforms, but could possibly if those people want to put in their opinion) So a Reader says they would read and review my book. They put their review up here for "review".. for the community at large to reward. If they think it's a harsh review, they get a low reward. If they think it's fair they get a higher reward, as predetermined.. or determined by the person reviewing the review. Then, perhaps the average of those reveiws, determines the reward that the author pays to their reviewer. Then the author can share that review, or request the reviewer to put the review up on whatever platform it is. Be it Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram or their own website. Maybe I'm over complicating it... maybe there already is something in place? Open to suggestions etc. Also, while I have your attention.. I have a couple of friends I'd like to bring in to our community. Is there a referral link that I'm not seeing .. that I can send them... cheers James D Armstrong
  12. Ever since i was introduced to artbyte and this forum by a dear friend i keep looking at myself like a (permit me to use this word) *jerk* for not getting to know about this great project early enough. One consolation i have is, it is BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. i will evangelise artbyte to all and sundry. A crypto currency with a real life use case.
  13. Hello everyone, I couldn't find a proper category for this topic, or at least none where I was allowed to post. I joined this forum about a month ago and have been monitoring the stats of the forum in the last couple of weeks. The amount of members, posts and topics are visible to all members. I just collected them everyday and combined these into some graphs. You can see in the graph below that there is a nice growth of this forum! If you have any suggestions let me know! The blue line is amount of members which belongs to the left vertical axis. Posts and topics belong to the right vertical axis.
  14. Abstract christmas tree impression!

    Hallo,my name is Stefan from All day impressions. I am an all day artist, i am focusing on all day impressions. This includes things that can happen in all day life and can be seen in all day life around the world!Usually i am doing this art for my own, presenting it to a few people, but sadly the most people in the world aren't focussing on the lovely details in life! Enjoy one of my Christmas impressions here..My motto: IMPRESS My ArtByte Wallet: AQ6KqU3WqKLqN6zvrFCFrZbHvntS11ex1f
  15. ArtByte Vs BTC Vs LTC Vs ETH

    For each U.S. dollar invested in the following cryptocurrencies on Jan 1, 2017, you earned the following return, by year-end. \$/ ArtByte = the Future of art \$/
  16. Spring Artist Tipping Festivals on Twitter & Reddit start Monday April 23! Tip your favorite artist and receive double back! Details for Twitter: Details for Reddit:
  17. I am looking for a way to create awareness for artbyte in Nigeria to our artistes here, because i have noticed that almost all if them are not aware of this project. who is with me on this creation of awareness?
  18. The new ArtByte website is going live today. Just go the the same link: http://artbyte.me to see it. Please give it a workout, test the links, check the text, give us your comments on this thread. We plan to tweak the text based on the input of our users here. NOTE: The big Logo on the right side of the 1st panel will be replaced with an explainer video soon.
  19. This week we have focused on bringing top level musicians to the ArtByte Music Store We have started conversations with a certain major music, film, and media company in Los Angeles to list world renown musicians on the ArtByte Music store. Nothing is final, only discussions at this point. We will keep you posted. This week we began discussions with a major artist representation firm in London to bring their 94,000+ artists to our music store. Nothing final at this point. We have had preliminary conversations with a former band member of a famous 80s & 90s rock band (now on his own) to list his music and endorse ArtByte. Though nothing is final, he has expressed interest.
  20. This is public info, for those keeping up. So just a heads up for everyone here. ABY is halving when it hits 1,000,001 blocks. It is at block 968,826. Should take 5 weeks or so. Block 500,001 — 1,000,000: 400 ABY every 2 minutes Block 1,000,001 — 1,500,000: 200 ABY every 2 minutes Blockchain Explorer: http://explorer.artbyte.me/
  21. Best ABY Storage. Opinions?

    I am sure there are benefits to storing your ABY in the different wallets. My question is which do you guys think is safest for large amounts of ABY. Exchange sites and the online wallet are backed by the sites security (to my knowledge). The Desktop wallet is your own security, but less chance of compromise without actual access to your desktop? Just wondering. All opinions welcome! Thanks!
  22. This week's showcase winner is musician, singer, songwriter, Tari Alfred from Nigeria! She is the winner of 5,000 ArtByte and will be featured all week in our 150,000+ social media community! Learn more about her work on the ArtByte Forum here.
  23. This week's showcase winner is artist, Cvandotnet! The winner of 5,000 ArtByte and featured throughout ArtByte's social media this week! See more on the ArtByte forum here
  24. Artbyte Credits

    Hello All I'm just wondering how long you can expect to wait for return messages from Aby support? I have sent two messages over a week with no response. What is the average wait time? Also can anyone tell me how long it normally takes to get Aby credited to your wallet at each level? I haven't received anything since being a novice. thanks for any advice🦋
  25. Own Intro

    Hello everyone. I just download windows wallet but its showing synchronizing network with more than 3 years. Can anyone offer me bootstrap blockchain for Wallet database.