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Found 15 results

  1. Donkey Face

    New work 8x10 acrylic on canvas available at https://www.dailypaintworks.com/fineart/kate-less-madsen/donkey-face/692290
  2. Hi everyone, cartoonist here

    Hi everyone, Here is some of my artwork. nice to meet you. https://www.artstation.com/pencilforge edit: wallet address ASwFrL3zLLHBynzeCT43ZGjJ44fCMizJaK
  3. Study drawing

    From the album Drawings

    Chalk on kraft paper
  4. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum, but I hope the category I chose is right. I'm Martith, a Polish artist adventuring abroad (currently Chile), self-proclaimed fox fanatic, with nature as a close second I'm self-taught, painting digitally for almost 6 years now. I love painting animals and doing photo studies. I'd love to present you some of my artworks. For photo studies I use mostly pictures licensed with CC0 license. Some of the artworks I've made are commissions, therefore I used photos belonging to their rightful owners My portfolio: http://martith.art ArtByte address: AV8cu6oG2tCBwbapsz3Xxhu6R2fshGES6h Other art socials: DeviantArt | YouTube | Instagram | ArtStation Thanks for checking out ♥
  5. C Van, also go by the handle cvanDOTnet, a mixed media artist from California USA. Graphic design during the day and put on my drawing cape at night and fight all the sleepless night because I love drawing so much. Do you feel the same? I am inspired by the beauty of animals and nature, and I enjoy mixing and matching the unique characteristics of both, making them come together in the pieces I create. You can find me here: http://instagram.com/cvandotnet http://forum.artbyte.me/profile/22662-cvandotnet/ http://cvan.net http://facebook.com/cvandotnet https://www.reddit.com/user/cvandotnet/ Leave a comment or question. Love to hear from you! My ArtByte address: AP923RYk6JBV6sXGj8uLhCVtEZPNFHauNS
  6. Hi, in this post, I would like to show you the study drawing previous to the oil painting. I have drawn this study on kraft paper using charcoal, chalk sticks and soft pastels. If you want to see the process, please watch the video I leave for you here. If you haven´t seen the previous video for the composition, this is the link: Thanks so much for watching!!
  7. triple portrait of my doggy

    From the album Oil paintings

    Oil on canvas – 50 x 65 cm. – 2017
  8. Forest Spirit

    From the album Martin

    I Finished this illustration August last year. It’s a forest spirit sitting on a mushroom playing with the butterflies which are happily flying around. Made with pen and water colors.
  9. small photography

    Hi everyone, I am just someone who like to be outside. Searching for small things. Because they are so beautiful https://www.instagram.com/der_malte_/ ArtByte address: AK5CtDrXUgbeHtdrEVyHzCcyK8th9h5TWL

    From the album illustrations

    A collection of my art work
  11. Playing Cards

    From the album Martin

    I Was browsing the internet when I came across an illustration forum. On the forum there was a monthly (or weekly I don’t remember) challenge where they wrote a little bit of text and members could submit an illustration to match the challenge. The text was something along the lines of “When he looked into the forest he saw…” I Thought it was a nice challenge so I packed my backpack and went to a nearby forest for some inspiration. The end result is these three animals playing cards. Made with pen and water colors.
  12. insects' love

    From the album 2 insects making love

    © Hamza Makhchoune

  13. 5959579c46e38_sanstitre-3-2.jpg

    From the album The Clicks Of Morocco

    © copyright: ERRAJAOUI KHALIL

  14. Hi! I'm a wildlife and nature photographer. Love showing the beauty that's around us. My website: http://ilanhorn.photography/ ArtByte address: AVfHfPUjZ7mrRbouBWqWu8TKA2Y5859wuu