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Found 10 results

  1. Review Program

    So, I think we need to set up a review for rewards program. For authors/readers (not sure how it would work for other artforms, but could possibly if those people want to put in their opinion) So a Reader says they would read and review my book. They put their review up here for "review".. for the community at large to reward. If they think it's a harsh review, they get a low reward. If they think it's fair they get a higher reward, as predetermined.. or determined by the person reviewing the review. Then, perhaps the average of those reveiws, determines the reward that the author pays to their reviewer. Then the author can share that review, or request the reviewer to put the review up on whatever platform it is. Be it Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram or their own website. Maybe I'm over complicating it... maybe there already is something in place? Open to suggestions etc. Also, while I have your attention.. I have a couple of friends I'd like to bring in to our community. Is there a referral link that I'm not seeing .. that I can send them... cheers James D Armstrong
  2. Ever since i was introduced to artbyte and this forum by a dear friend i keep looking at myself like a (permit me to use this word) *jerk* for not getting to know about this great project early enough. One consolation i have is, it is BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. i will evangelise artbyte to all and sundry. A crypto currency with a real life use case.
  3. Hello artbyte

    My name is Kay boy and Its a great pleasure to be here. ARSWUkSBRg3GF5f5w1JCpoFkx9murZHtYA
  4. Hi all

    Hi All, I'm new in the community. My name is Mark, 37yrs old an I'm from the Netherlands. Hope te see what this community is all about. (Anyone got tips to get the wallet to start mining? It starts and exits right away.) grtz to all wallet address: AQKmxTiJHq5B6poxbuBZtiercYMgbWqCML
  5. In order to expand and make it easy for our artist to join this community,thereby enable them to get some free ABY Below is a direct link to the 4 process needed by anyone to get started and showcase their work. Just copy and paste in your artist wall or Twitter. https://www.artbyte.me/artbyte-artist-showcase-entry/
  6. I have been thinking a lot of recent about artbyte, how it is of great help to artists worldwide, but sadly most of them don't know about it yet. I have one WISH...... that ARTBYTE should be as popular and widely accepted as bitcoin..... just that one wish... Who is with me, or who has the same wish??
  7. hello Artbyte

    hello artbyte, i am happy to join this forum, my name is olelekan, i am happy to join this community and also the project. AMgQVPX4jWserikjqS3AM9yVszu5tLcpL1
  8. It's about the details!

    It's not about big towns! The world is more then just skyscrapers and traffic! Look at the picture and find your own detail! How close are you looking at it? Do you remember the color of the flower in the left? What color has the roof of the church? Exactly! The details make the difference! Thanks for supporting: AQ6KqU3WqKLqN6zvrFCFrZbHvntS11ex1f
  9. Working on a new cooperation

    Currently i am working to bring ArtByte out to the world! A friend of mine has an online school focusing on forex trading and i am currently speaking to him to offer a good price for his education! What will be special about this! I am talking to him to accept ArtByte as a payment method for his education! Stay tuned! Will inform you about upcoming news! Thanks for supporting: AQ6KqU3WqKLqN6zvrFCFrZbHvntS11ex1f
  10. Payment not transmitted

    Hello all, I sent artbyte from my android wallet app but it's not transmitted on the network even till now. The transaction was initiated about 5hours ago