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Found 1 result

  1. Fabian Perez, 1967 | Abstract Figurative painter In 2009 Fabian Perez was named the official artist of the 10th annual Latin Grammy Awards. In 2010 Perez was selected to paint the 2010 Winter Olympics. For Fabian Perez, the purpose of art is to perpetuate beauty. Pausing, he says, "I would like to say that it is not important what you have, but how you enjoy it". Born in 1967 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Fabian had a difficult childhood. His father owned bordellos and nightclubs that were illegal. He also was a gambler. To this day, Fabian remembers the police coming to their home looking for his father who would try to escape through the back door. Eventually his father gave up the business, lost everything and lapsed into depression. Meanwhile, Fabian’s mother, who was artistic herself, encouraged her son to develop his aptitude for art. From an early age he loved to draw and she would proudly display these endeavors. He was also passionate as a boy about soccer and martial arts-the latter becoming an integral part of his life and his work as an artist. As a young adult, he did decide to take a few art courses to learn more about the true craft of drawing and painting, but it was never formal training. It is imagery from his past that he draws from in his painting, his father his inspiration. He is the cool guy outside the nightclubs and bordellos in Fabian’s images. And the women are his memories of those he saw at his father’s brothels and nightclubs-their somber mood, brooding thoughts and intense sensuality emanating from his canvases. But that is now. For several years after his parents died, his mother when he was 16, his father when he was 19, he lived as a gypsy. The sadness and despair he experienced left him confused and searching for answers. It was in martial arts that he found an inner strength. He immersed himself in the discipline. Alone and struggling to take care of himself, he began to teach karate while living in martial arts studios or friends’ homes. It was then that he crossed paths with a Japanese karate master, Oscar Higa, who became his teacher, mentor, friend and father figure. For a while, Fabian spent time in Rio; living the life of a nomad, finding refuge on warm beaches. Then he collected himself, deciding to follow Oscar to Italy. It was there, in the small town of Padova outside Venice, that he began his career as an artist. European tourists liked his work. Fabian began having small exhibitions. He spent his time painting and teaching martial arts, the latter to support himself. His dream was to become a karate master. After seven years in Italy, where he traveled frequently, giving martial arts exhibitions, he moved to Japan and continued to teach karate, not realizing that martial arts would become such an influence in his painting technique and, indeed, in his life’s path. Inspired by the Shodo, he utilized this influence to combine figurative and abstract styles. Shodo is often practiced by Samurais and Buddhist monks. It is as much a discipline as an art form. The influence of artists such as Lautrec, Picasso, Sargent and Cezanne are felt in Fabian’s work. "But in the end it is my own", he says. Today, Fabian has a studio in Los Angeles, where he also lives with his wife, Luciana and his three children. She is in many of his paintings. Mostly he works in the mornings and early afternoon, when the light is best. Usually he uses acrylic paint, so that he doesn’t have to wait for it to dry. He likens painting to music and this is particularly evident in his Flamenco pieces, where the dancer creates complex rhythmic patterns. The scenes from his youth in Argentina reflect a time that, in his view, is more romantic than the present day. Fabian Perez è un artista nato a Buenos Aires, ma il suo spirito irrequieto lo spinge a viaggiare per il mondo. Dopo aver trascorso parti significative della sua vita in Argentina, Italia e Giappone si stabilisce negli Stati Uniti. Attualmente risiede a Los Angeles ed è conosciuto per i suoi dipinti del tango e per i suoi ritratti. Nel 2009 Perez è stato nominato artista ufficiale del 10 ° annuale Latin Grammy Awards. Nel 2010 è stato scelto per dipingere le Olimpiadi Invernali 2010 e le Olimpiadi estive del 2012. Le sue opere non passano mai inosservate. Gli piace dipingere con colori acrilici, perché si asciugano velocemente e gli consentono di seguire i suoi impulsi, senza che l’attesa di un colore ancora bagnato lo limiti nel generare un nuovo tratto col pennello. Le sue immagini hanno la forza di trasmettere il carisma e la sensualità del suo autore. Un'arte che difficilmente si può sintetizzare in una categoria. Non a caso lo ribadisce spesso nelle sue dichiarazioni "..ciò limita tanto l’artista quanto le sue opere". FOR MORE SUCH ARTWORKS & ARTISTS' FOLLOW SUJITH PUTHRAN