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Found 3 results

  1. So i'm back to the ArtByte world again with some new art after my experience with music. i've been wondering why don't i make my own t-shirt designs instead of looking for a good print in stores; so a friend told me to do so and upload them to Amazon. So that's what i have done! Today i've got my first T-shirt out on Amazon and it's specially made for cat loving. Because my cat is eating the whole day lol. I think it's really cool! If you are a cat person and you like it can get yours from here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FSHHC46?ref_=pe_2196150_146773810 for only 13.99$ And keep tuned because i'm doing more unique special designs for T-shirts!
  2. Brunchopotamus

    From the album My Various Works

    A shirt design done up for a client that also happened to have a name close to my own.
  3. Servizio Apparel

    What it's about? It's about creating Awesome Tees and getting them out there to you! Who we are? We are Servizio Clothing, well it's actually me Kim and my Partner Frida! You don't know us! We're not famous or anything, but we create Awesome and Kick-Ass Tees! How it started? Well, I actually work for a Local Clothing/Garment Designer and Supplier here in New Zealand but before that, I am a Big Fan of Awesome T-shirts! I used to join heaps of T-shirt Design Contest like Threadless, DBH and etc.. I always wanted to do my own Clothing Brand but didn't had the opportunity and enough encouragement to do so. This is a chance for us to start our own name in the local and hopefully International Market. Thank you! Wallet Address: ALP7UzW8CW9zmaTfEwbP1iS8ArVxJKGXny