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Found 5 results


    Hi Forum, Am Memetarry Igbanibo Alexander a.k.a Tari Alfred, a Nigerian. Am a musician and songwriter. I studied Theatre arts from the university of port Harcourt, Rivers State. Nigeria. I heard about artbyte from a classmate @omociano. I source sponsorship to fly higher. https://www.facebook.com/memetarry https://www.instagram.com/tari_alfred/ https://twitter.com/TariAlfredd listen to my song: https://my.notjustok.com/track/273314/tari-alfred-over-it-prod-by-mr-shun My artbyte address: ALAPw9NH3ZYWfwzpH21nVyxS16uRe436va
  2. Hi fellow Artbyters, I'm Jesso. I'm an EDM, Trance, Electro and Visual artist from the Gold Coast in Australia. I joined Artbye this week, and I've uploaded my first album to the Artbyte music store. I'll be uploading a lot more soon. http://music.artbyte.me/album/jesso-gotta-fight/ ArtByte Music Store I'm looking forward to hanging out in this lovely community and to contributing to the creative space! This is my Arbyte about me page: Jesso Artbyte About Me page https://goo.gl/e7ejQL You can also listen to any of my music on Bandcamp if you want to hear the whole songs, or any of my other tracks. https://jesso.bandcamp.com/ Or you can listen to another 12 of my EDM and Trance tracks free on this Soundcloud Playlist This is also a link page to a few of my music videos or you can subscribe to me directly on YouTube http://www.jesso.com.au/video/ My You Tube Channel https://goo.gl/M1rP17 This is my Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/Jesso I hope everyone is having a great 2018. I'm looking forward to meeting other artists and creators on this forum and to also checking out everyone's music! I love the concept of Artbyte being a mixed media and multi disciplinary Arts space where Artists of all genres can mix and support each other. I hope that we all grow exponentially on this platform. X Jesso Artbyte Wallet Address: AGHTPT2jCDMu98avyJR45q1FcGwgjU5pvg
  3. Hi All, I have already told you in the previous topic that my hobby is to gather instrument but in the end, I made my own percussion out of bamboo. Maybe some of you wondered what bamboo thing is from my studio photo. I show you close look of it now. I carefully picked abandoned bamboo what the sound like in each cell and found appropriate sound to make code from C to 2 octave up. This was quite challenging to find suitable sound but I did it to found it. With this bamboo percussion, I can play like percussion but also like key board. I think this is quite invention. One day, when someone from appropriate field found me, I would like to be promoted as first stomp asian artist played in stomp show. I'm not sure if any Asian ever played before but doesn't matter if it's second or first. But never heard any Asian played before. One day, I'll let you hear how it sound with song on this column. Hope you like it. Your kindness is highly appreciated. ArtByte Wallet : AWQn5SiBXAGttNt2oUv2ZJeAKJC6Cvj4Vh
  4. Hi Everyone, This is Yutakin NYC. Already spent more than 17 yrs for music background and now ready to express my work to the world. Here is my story of becoming artist. Yutakin grown up playing piano ever since 6 years old and had been taught Classic piano for 3-4 years. Yutakin was bored with classic and he began to become normal football freak as most of kids did in those years. After 13 years old, Yutakin once came back to in front of Piano and started playing all US and JP pops for 3-4 years. Around 17years old, Yutakin was already making own original melody but never put lylics with the melody. Yutakin left hometown to abroad at the end of 17 years old for adventure while studying English, he finished high school in Sydney Australia, and then went to University in New York which is called "Fashion Institute of Technology" After all these years, once settled back in Tokyo, Japan, My mother happily sent me Roland KR377 my home instrument. Yutakin lost child by East Japan Earthquake 2011. 3.11. then he decided to write lyrics to express feeling and also to cheer people up for better future. Yutakin is ready to express the feeling through own song. Singing is praying that's the heart of it. So far, composed 7 songs in English and 4 songs in Japanese. You can listen to my songs at soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/yutakin Please see my Video of playing percussion for my song. Playing percussion and at last shows you leg split to show the ability of dancing as well. Any donation is highly appreciated. See my ArtByte Wallet add : AWQn5SiBXAGttNt2oUv2ZJeAKJC6Cvj4Vh
  5. udoart

    Hi there, I´m a multi artist born in east Germany escaped as child to west Germany. Lived in England and now in Spain. I´m not specialist at all because I´m self-taught in many things.