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Found 537 results

  1. This week's showcase winner is musician, singer, songwriter, Tari Alfred from Nigeria! She is the winner of 5,000 ArtByte and will be featured all week in our 150,000+ social media community! Learn more about her work on the ArtByte Forum here.
  2. This week's showcase winner is artist, Cvandotnet! The winner of 5,000 ArtByte and featured throughout ArtByte's social media this week! See more on the ArtByte forum here
  3. This week's ArtByte Artist Showcase Winner is digital painter, Marith. She is from Poland, currently living in Chile. She is the winner of 5,000 ArtByte and will be featured all week on ArtByte's 150,000+ social media! See more of her work on the ArtByte Forum here.
  4. A young woman portrait

    Hi, I would like to share with you some stages of the drawing process of a woman portrait I made with Photoshop This first image shows the freehand drawing I made using different "black pencils", changing the thickness and intensity to get different tones of greys. I added colour to the background. I start to paint the face too. only using greystones. The grisaille for the face is already made, I got the dark tones, mid tones and the brightest points. Now I give the colour of the skin to the face, painting in a transparent top layer the skin colour I have chosen. This way of painting emulates the old technique of oil painting created by Master of the Flemish school in the 16th - 17th centuries.
  5. A Hat in Time

    I recently played 'A Hat in Time', a game that harkens back to the 'collectathon' platformers of yore. It's an uncommon example of a Kickstarter project gone right, and I really enjoyed almost everything about it. One thing I thought was really amazing was that the lead artist on the team made a unique splash screen for almost every single mission in every level, each with its own distinct atmosphere. It always makes me really happy to see this level of dedication - beautiful illustrations like these really get you hyped to experience the story behind them. If you're interested, the amazing artist behind these is https://twitter.com/cyanatar, although I don't know if she uses ArtByte. What are some beautiful splash screens or illustrations you've seen in games?
  6. The water well

    Digital work, photos manipulation. Timelapse. Thanks for watching!!!
  7. Zeus: Sketching Tutorial by me

    Zeus Charcoal & Graphite on Paper Size:67.4 x 54 cms Zeus is the God of paradise and thunder of ancient Greek religion, which ruled the mountain like the king of Olympus. His name is cognitive with the first element of his Roman counterpart Jupiter, his mythology and strength are the same, but Indra, Jupiter, Perun, Thor, and Odin are not like the Indo-European gods. Why Cast sketch practice is important : It is important to complete the projection of shadow to give instructions about the object's perspective, Some artists create the shadow to show the depth of the object. In many cases, this is very acceptable. However, it is much more technical to include perspective and different principles of perspective i.e., cast + core shadows Art Materials used: Paper: Fabriano Accademia 200 gsm Drawing: Staedtler lumograph graphite pencils(h,b,2b) Derwent Charcoal pencils(Dark,Medium, Light) Eraser: Prismacolor Kneaded Eraser Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser Rendering Materials: Tortillions: Soft Tissues: Ear Buds: Mahl Stick Step 1 (Contour): Contour is an artistic technique used in the drawing industry. Normal lines are used to make the rough outline to have a rough idea of subject’s length and width, thickness, depth, perspective. The purpose of the Contour is to highlight the scale and volume, ignoring the details of the subject to give a three-dimensional perspective. Step 2 (Contour 2): We start working with the use of mahl stick from left and move forward to right because of me being right handed, this helps me to have a clear view of the portion I am sketching In this step, we complete the basic contour drawing and we get the idea of the depth and shape, so now we can start working on the details. Step 3 (Soft Details) : After the basic outlines of the subject, we start with the details of hair, ear & beard from the mid-tones and then use charcoal to get the dark shadows, then we apply medium strokes on the eye which gives some depth & our figure starts evolving out from paper.Then we want a background, which makes up surroundings and empty space making the subject look 3 -dimensional. Step 4 (Final) We give highlights of hair and beard using a kneaded eraser and Staedtler plastic eraser, it can be used for erasing any wrong strokes & also to make a partial highlight or stand out by removing the charcoal dust from the paper. Staedtler graphite pencils are used to give very light strokes because use of charcoal for the light parts can be very risky at times, sometimes it is not possible to remove all the charcoal dust from the paper creating a bad spot in our artwork I have worked a lot on this sketch and have taken care of every detail to make this sketch look 3d AfterCrop So our Zeus is complete and looks amazing, I am very happy with the outcome. I have clicked this image from Olympus VG-120 and cropped it. for more such Artworks & work in process follow SUJITH PUTHRAN
  8. The ArtByte Spring Artist Festival on Reddit starts Monday, April 23 2018! Artists & fans, tip an artist and receive double tips yourself! Support your favorite artists and earn for yourself, during ArtByte's Spring Artist Festivals! How it works When you, as an artist or fan tip an artist on Reddit, the ArtByte Foundation will give you back double the amount (up to 40 ABY), when the tip is verified. On Reddit, if the artist does not claim their tip within 2 days, the tip is automatically refunded to you. For example, if you tip another artist 20 ArtBytes, the foundation will give you 40! You can tip as many artists as you like during the spring, but bonuses will only be paid on the first three each day. You can tip any amount you like, we will reimburse the 1st 20 and double it (up to 20 bonus) Only one tip per artist. Need some ArtByte's to get started? We will also give you 20 ArtBytes to get started! Just subscribe to our subreddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/ArtByte/) and post the following to get started: "I support artists!" Post this in the "I support artists" thread. Once you have some ArtBytes, to learn how to tip check out one of our Reddit threads regarding tipping artists, for example: You can tip artist who post in /r/art, /r/artstore, /r/pic, /r/WeAreTheMusicMakers Friday Feedback Thread Rules Artists of all kinds (musicians, actors, painters, dancers, sculptors, film makers, directors, photographers, etc) can receive tips, but must have a link to their website (for verification) for the fan giving the tip to receive double back. You can only tip each artist once, and the double back bonus is limited to three tips per day. So if you tip more than three times a day, you will only get double back on the first three tipped each day. To join the event, your reddit account must be a legitimate account (with consistent activity), at least 6 months old, and have a minimum of 25 karma. Bonuses are paid on tips given Monday - Friday and paid manually once per day. The reimbursed tip amount and the bonus amount will change from time to time based on the price of ArtByte. ArtByte Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ArtByte/ Want to know more about ArtByte? http://artbyte.me
  9. Dotted Frog

    From the album Art

    © cvandotnet

  10. Submerged Drummer | Watercolor on Paper

    Title: Submerged Drummer Medium: Watercolor on Paper Size: 73 x 50 cms Please do comment if you like my painting artbyte address: AbcixgYXTTbXd2pgQhwhiYzKcpRFm2fcm4
  11. Nautilus

    From the album Coloring pages

    Nautilus, colouring page

    © J. Van de Perre

  12. Flyingfish

    From the album Coloring pages

    flyingfish, colouring page

    © J.Van de Perre

  13. Saxophone player

    From the album My Paintings

    Title: Saxophone playerMedium : Pastel on toned paper Size: 63.5 x 48.2 cms
  14. Fantasy girl casting spell

    Im sorry for the lack of the creativity with the name. Im an illustrator from Slovakia, doing art mostly for games /board games, card games, RPGs you name it/ sometimes for books or CDs, like Jack of all trades in fantasy genre. First of all , thank you for stumbling upon my work. ALRSFZrmCdWixmTi4AV1uRbqqhH4hd4SZP You can watch me on IG @Artdeepmind or my Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/lerastislav
  15. Oil painting - underpainting demo

  16. C Van, also go by the handle cvanDOTnet, a mixed media artist from California USA. Graphic design during the day and put on my drawing cape at night and fight all the sleepless night because I love drawing so much. Do you feel the same? I am inspired by the beauty of animals and nature, and I enjoy mixing and matching the unique characteristics of both, making them come together in the pieces I create. You can find me here: http://instagram.com/cvandotnet http://forum.artbyte.me/profile/22662-cvandotnet/ http://cvan.net http://facebook.com/cvandotnet https://www.reddit.com/user/cvandotnet/ Leave a comment or question. Love to hear from you! My ArtByte address: AP923RYk6JBV6sXGj8uLhCVtEZPNFHauNS
  17. This week's showcase winner is Yuko, an illustrator. She is the winner of 5,000 ArtBytes and her work will be featured all week on ArtByte's social media! You can see more of her work, on the forum here.
  18. This week's ArtByte Artist Showcase winner is Bulgarian painter, Iglika Todorova She receives 5000 ArtBytes and will be featured all week in ArtByte's social media! Hip Hop Dancer You can see more of her work on the ArtByte forum here.
  19. This week's ArtByte Artist Showcase Winner is Jeramie James! He is the winner of 5,000 ArtByte and will be featured during the next week throughout ArtByte's social media! How the artist describes his work: The goal of my artwork is progress, I want to fill minds with visions of the possible, visions of a positive future. The main theme of my largest work, a 9ft x 10ft acrylic painting conveys the worst of what could be, the current, and a future of great positive potential, there are two panels along the sides of the painting reading in 11 languages "We must be the changes we wish to see in the world, light, love, one people, one earth." You can see more of his work on the ArtByte Forum here.
  20. This week's showcase winner is music producer, Orl#ndo He receives 5000 ArtBytes and will be featured all week in ArtByte's social media! Dominic Kowarik known as "Orl#ndo" was born on 1.April 1988 in Wels (Austria). Main Infuences: Mirwais, Photek, Amon Tobin, Moby, The Prodigy, St.Germain, Artful Dodger, Buena Vista Social Club, Kosheen, Roisin Murphy, His main Genre is "Electronic Music/Dance" focused on 2-Step, Drum&Bass,Future House, Future Beats, Deep House. You can see more of his work on the ArtByte Forum here.
  21. This week's ArtByte Artist Showcase winner is Florina Vameşu, a painter from Bucharest, Romania. She is the winner of 5,000 ArtBytes and will be featured this week on ArtByte's social media! You can see more of her work on the ArtByte Forum here.
  22. This week's ArtByte Artist Showcase winner is painter and graphic artist, Paul Tanimowo Animashaun, Omociano Graphics/Paintings. He received 5,000 ArtByte and will be featured on ArtByte's social media all this coming week! See more of his work on the ArtByte Forum here.
  23. This week's showcase winner is painter Ame Painter! "Painting to me is out of pure passion and so I've heard that... what is born out of passion has the power to save our souls." ~Ame~ She is the winner of 5,000 ArtByte and will be featured on ArtByte's social media all this week! You can see more of her work on the ArtByte Forum here.
  24. This week's ArtByte Artist Showcase Winner is Oema Resident, a blogger, vlogger, and photographer in the virtual worlds Second Life and Sansar. She is the winner of 5,000 ArtByte and will be featured throughout ArtByte's social media this week. You can see more of her work and get the link to her blog & YouTube here on the ArtByte Forum