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  1. My latest digital portrait

    Thank you @Monkopotamus and @benres!
  2. Hi all! I knocked out another portrait practicing focal point by breaking up the edges of less important areas of the painting. This piece took about 12 hours total and it was created in Procreate on the iPad Pro. This study was based off this photo of a model from Pinterest. Unfortunately I don’t know her name. You can see the process video of this piece here. Here is my website. Follow me on Instagram! Wallet: AR41gNEua455s5mXHMQMzoScbHpkP964sW
  3. My latest digital portrait

    Thank you so much!
  4. Hi! New to Artbyte.

    I definitely know it was the same day for sure. And I think I read that once you accept your first tip, it registers an account for you an auto-confirms future tips after that. Is that correct?
  5. My latest digital portrait

    Thank you @Frank and @Jemmy!
  6. Hi! New to Artbyte.

    Hey @Admin, thank you! When I sent +accept for my most recent tip on reddit, it said I had no pending tips because they were either expired or already confirmed. I know they didn’t expire so I think the tip auto-confirmed because I was already registered after I accepted my very first tip awhile back. So since they auto-confirm now it just confused me why +info didn’t give me my balance.
  7. My latest digital portrait

    Wow @theoaustin7, thank you very much!!
  8. Hi! New to Artbyte.

    Hey, thank you @Monkopotamus! I was able to transfer successfully. I have another question. People on Reddit said that to know your balance, you message the bot +info. However, when I did this, I wasn’t given a number. All it gave me was a string of letters under “Deposit Address Balance.” So I wasn’t able to see how much was in my balance. How would I be able to see it in the future? It says “Use the Address above to deposit coins into your Applebyte tipping wallet” but shouldn’t the tips I accept be in there already?
  9. My latest digital portrait

    Hi! I work in Procreate on my iPad Pro. This is a portrait I finished yesterday. I had a lot of fun playing with light and lost edges. I used a reference photo of a model. If you’d like to see more of my work, I have an instagram, website and YouTube channel. You can see the process video of this portrait here. Wallet: AR41gNEua455s5mXHMQMzoScbHpkP964sW
  10. Hi! New to Artbyte.

    Hi all! I’m from Reddit and am a digital artist. I’m 23 y/o from Houston Texas. I am new to crpytocurrencies. I’ve read a lot about Artbyte before making this post and am looking forward to learning more. I’m still a bit confused about certain things. I recieved Artbytes on Reddit and I made an account on the Artbyte site and have a wallet now. Where are my Artbytes stored on Reddit? How do I get them into my online Wallet? Wallet Address: AR41gNEua455s5mXHMQMzoScbHpkP964sW My art portfolio website: www.palomamcclain.com My art instagram: www.instagram.com/palomamcclain