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  1. Hello artbyte

    Hello, Am happy to be here, am donatella by name.I have heard so much about artbyte project via twitter.I will like to invest in the project and know much more about art.I love nature. My wallet AK9kE8quBApadLN5duUn2o4WuU4oXpJbYH
  2. @Admin what's wrong,I never get any aby bonus since I join artbyte forum
  3. St. Louis’ Gateway Arch emerges with a new name

    Its a great place with a great people,thank you for bringing it t the forum
  4. Denis Chernov, 1978 | Figurative  painter

    Thank you some great stories of professional artist that most of us never know
  5. Do You Dare - Story Sample

    How much is it?I mean in aby/bitcoin
  6. Alain Picard, 1974

    Very beautiful pictures and painting

    Yes,can't really explained, so confusing, you can't tell if its drawing or photo
  8. Brian McCarthy| 1960 | Realist painter

    Very interesting profile of a great artist you share,thanks for sharing something like this
  9. Patient is what crypto needs,you can't just rush in making decision or conclusion. Some coin do not have any value as @frank mention.knowing what coin you want to invest in matters alot
  10. Blue Whales

    You wow me your drawing,nice drawing
  11. BUY ???? or SELL ????

    I will advise you to buy more now,hold unto what you have,you are going to laugh at the end
  12. Vicente Romero, 1956 | Figurative painter

    What professional painter,thank you for sharing
  13. Hello artbyte

    Thank you friends
  14. Geometrical painting on wood and light figure art

    Its my pleasure meeting you here,welcome
  15. Hip hop paves the way forward

    Hiphop should be taking serious,thank you for sharing
  16. Gulyás László, 1960 | Ballet dancers

    Thank you for the history sharing
  17. Now every investors want to hold,nobody want to sell and I can't blame any body for the situation,who want to loose,I prefer to invest more now that the btc is down so that I could enjoy massive gain
  18. Watchara Klakhakhai, 1967 | Figurative painter

    Lovely pictures,its amazing work.
  19. John Poppleton | Bodyscapes ‎painter

    John pop is great painter and a good photograPher,i have seen many of his work
  20. Daily Quotes

    Bad companies and friends leads to bad characters
  21. BUY ???? or SELL ????

    Am not even thinking of selling my aby and other coin I have in my folio,I believe in the prospect of aby
  22. Betta fish III

    Beautiful drawing and awesome colour ,great job

    Very touching photo,thank you for sharing
  24. Just Join

    You're much welcome to the artbyte community
  25. Stitches Commenting

    Very excited to see these kind of dress