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  1. Do You Dare - Story Sample

    Thanks. And yeah. There's a reason I'm taking it seriously. I got hit by a truck while on my motorbike 2015. I don't think I'll ever get back to full time work. Certainly not the career I was in. So I need to squeeze every little bit out of my brain power that I have left. It's been nearly 3 years since the accident, I still can't walk properly. And I'm in a lot of pain 24/7.
  2. Do You Dare - Story Sample

    I'm getting them all professionally translated into Russian now.
  3. Do You Dare - Story Sample

    Thanks. 8 more samples to go. 10 short stories all up.
  4. Do You Dare - Story Sample

    Thank you Frank. I appreciate that.
  5. Do You Dare - Story Sample

    This is my first book. Horror/thriller
  6. Do You Dare - Story Sample

    Hi, for paperback version or e-book? And where are you located? Paperback including postage (US) 0.0030btc/5070ABY Autographed copy inc postage (US) 0.0045btc/7610ABY E-book emailed 0.0015btc/2550ABY
  7. Do You Dare - Story Sample

    Hi Guys, So it's a little late, about 3 weeks actually. But here's the sample of the second story, MirrorMirror. Available from Amazon or from me directly. Do You Dare? 10 short story compilation. MIRROR MIRROR David stepped off the bus into the howling wind, swinging his bag over his shoulder as he watched the vehicle turn the corner and disappear from sight. He stared up at the moon as it slid behind a dark storm cloud and, shivering, he drove his hands deep into his pockets, drawing his jacket around him in an effort to keep warm. Then, glancing around, he crossed the road to the dirt track that would lead home. Every night of the week he would take the same route home after work—a fifteen minute walk from the bus stop—and every night his imagination would play tricks on him. Tonight was no different. He hated the late shift. With his head down, he trudged along and tried to keep occupied with thoughts of work, of anything, really, besides his surroundings. Then it started: the feeling of being followed. At first he ignored it but it only got stronger, impressing upon the edge of his mind and eating away at his efforts to keep it at bay, until it exploded into his senses with such ferocity, that he spun around, searching the foreboding darkness behind him. His eyes darting about, probing the night, trying to see whatever it was he could feel. His heart pounded explosively in his ears, making it impossible to hear a thing. David realized he was holding his breath; he forced himself to exhale slowly, then he drew in a deep, shaky breath, the cold night air burned his lungs. He started to feel foolish. Turning around, he continued his trek home. He tried whistling but stopped, for it sounded eerie in the darkness around him. Deliberately he turned his thoughts inward, attempting once again to block out his surroundings. He thought of Lynn, who was at home in their bed, and quickened his pace, eager to lie down by her side and feel her warm body against his. He would feel safe when he was home. His thoughts were disrupted by footsteps behind him, just out of time with his. David quickened his pace, not daring to look behind him, scared of what he might see. Or perhaps more frightening was what he might not see. The footsteps quickened also, still just out of time with his. He could imagine the figure behind him, its claws reaching out to him, sliding around his neck and ripping his head clean off. Finally, he could take it no more. He spun around and walked backwards, knowing what he would see: nothing. He could hear nothing, either. He stopped, listening harder for the footsteps that had also stopped, if they had ever been behind him in the first place. David stood there and listened in the dark, the wind roaring through the trees, waiting for the other to make the first move. "Who's there?" he asked finally. Good one, he thought. Who is going to answer? And as if I want them to… No one did answer him, besides the wind. Cautiously he turned around and started to walk home again, realizing he was already halfway there. He shrugged deeper into his coat as if to ward off a chill that had nothing to do with the weather, and quickened his pace once more. His eyes darting from side to side, searching the trees as paranoia set in. Suddenly the wind died. David froze, glancing frantically about. Not even a slight breeze rustled the leaves of the trees, and as he listened, he realised that something else was wrong, dead wrong. He could not hear anything, not a single night noise came forth. He knew he had not gone deaf, as he could still hear his heavy breathing and his heart pounding frantically. His imagination began to run wild; he backed away from the edge of the track, turning around to see if anyone was coming at him from behind. There was nobody there. More importantly, there was nothing there. There was a large bush staring at him. He stared back, half expecting it to come alive and make a move to grab him. He forced himself to calm down. Nervously he took a step forward, then decided against checking the bush and quickly headed off home again. He had gone only a few feet when he heard a rustling behind him. Jerking around, David gazed in terror at the bush, and his eyes felt like they were going to pop right out of his head. It was shaking violently, then out of its depths a shadow darted, right across the track and into the bush on the other side. He stood there dumbstruck, mouth wide open as his mind tried to comprehend what he had just seen.
  8. Do You Dare - Story Sample

    Thank you so much. it's a bit late, but I'll post the second story sample up tonight.
  9. Do You Dare - Story Sample

    Thank you
  10. Do You Dare - Story Sample

    I'm getting all my stories translated into Russian. I'll let you know once they are ready
  11. Do You Dare - Story Sample

    you just want a copy of this one? Or you want all 10? Make a reasonable donation of ARB to get me on my way and I can email it to you.
  12. Website Advice

    awesome. thank you
  13. Do You Dare - Story Sample

    lol. I'm not offended mate, it's all good. I'm Australian, we don't really get offended. I don't speak Russian, but you said you'd gladly read it if it was in Russian. So I got the first story translated, as I have other Russian friends it was probably overdue. lol
  14. Do You Dare - Story Sample

    thank you
  15. Do You Dare - Story Sample

    as just following on from you saying that you'd gladly read if it was in russian. In an attempt to please other readers.... get accused of skipping it through an interpreter. If I had not done it.. I would be what? rude and ignorant of another reader demographic/customer base perhaps?