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  1. Do You Dare - Story Sample

    you just want a copy of this one? Or you want all 10? Make a reasonable donation of ARB to get me on my way and I can email it to you.
  2. Website Advice

    awesome. thank you
  3. Do You Dare - Story Sample

    lol. I'm not offended mate, it's all good. I'm Australian, we don't really get offended. I don't speak Russian, but you said you'd gladly read it if it was in Russian. So I got the first story translated, as I have other Russian friends it was probably overdue. lol
  4. Do You Dare - Story Sample

    thank you
  5. Do You Dare - Story Sample

    as just following on from you saying that you'd gladly read if it was in russian. In an attempt to please other readers.... get accused of skipping it through an interpreter. If I had not done it.. I would be what? rude and ignorant of another reader demographic/customer base perhaps?
  6. Do You Dare - Story Sample

    haha. fair enough. Wasn't asking for interpretation. Just that it read right... smoothly, so that you enjoyed the stories. I already found issues, where they missed some text, so it would go from russian to english then back to russian.
  7. Do You Dare - Story Sample

    I had it converted to Russian if you're interested. I'd consider a reduced price to know how it turned out. lol. In PDF format.
  8. Do You Dare - Story Sample

    Is this on the main website?
  9. Website Advice

    Just after some advice/recommendations. Want to set up my website (again, I did have it years ago) to display my work and have it available for purchase direct from the website, making it available to buy with crypto etc. Advice on where to go/who to use much appreciated. thanks
  10. Do You Dare - Story Sample

    Hi Everyone, I thought I'd put a sample each week of my short stories. Available on Amazon in e-book format as well as paperback. Also available to purchase direct from me for our digital currency 1000 ABY The Author “You killed me, you bastard!” The man across the street screamed, pointing an accusing finger in Andrew’s direction. Andrew looked about him, bewildered, for it had seemed as if no one else had heard him. He assumed the guy was crazy and everyone else was ignoring him. He turned back towards the man. “Yes, you, arsehole. You killed me!” The man screamed at Andrew again. He started to cross the street, stepping directly into the path of an oncoming bus. Andrew stared in horror as the bus passed straight through him, not slowing or swerving, as if the driver did not see him at all. The man continued walking across the road towards Andrew, appearing again as the bus moved on. Andrew just stood there, mesmerized. The man was halfway across the street when a look of recognition crossed Andrew’s face. Startled out of his state of shock, he ran; he ran as fast as he had ever run before in his life. Dodging in between people if he could, pushing them out of the way if he could not, and ignoring the cries of indignation behind him. He glanced back once, only to see the man standing where Andrew had been mere seconds before, laughing, and then he vanished. Andrew continued running, street after street, until his legs felt like they were going to give way. Finally the crowd began to thin out and he allowed himself to slow down. Once no one was in sight, he came to a complete stop. There he stood glancing frantically about, gasping for breath, his lungs feeling like they were on fire. Looking across the street he saw The Southern Cross Pub standing there, surrounded by big businesses, looking completely out of place. It seemed familiar to him as crossed the street. He knew he had never been there before, he had no idea where he was at all, but he decided to enter and have a drink or two to calm his nerves. Inside it was dark and gloomy; he stood at the doorway waiting for his eyes to adjust so he could see. It had an old rotting smell to it that was unpleasant but bearable, at least for someone who desperately needed a drink, anyway. As his vision compromised with the dimness he glanced around, taking in his surroundings. His heart had returned to a normal pace, his lungs no longer burning painfully. The bar was directly in front of him. The bartender was sitting behind it with a newspaper propped up in front of him, oblivious to the fact that he had entered. To the right was a row of tables and chairs, and a man was slumped over one with an empty bottle of cheap bourbon in front of him, still half full. Andrew walked up to the bar to be served, but the bartender ignored him as he continued to read his newspaper. After a few seconds Andrew cleared his throat to attract his attention. The bartender looked up from his newspaper, with a sigh he put it down and stood up, walking over to Andrew. “Double bourbon, thanks,” he asked without waiting to be asked. The bartender walked over to fill the glass. “Actually, give me the whole bottle,” Andrew added as he sat himself down on a stool. The bartender dropped the bottle in front of him and took Andrew's money without saying a word. Gone are the days of the friendly barmen, Andrew thought, somewhat regretfully. Andrew poured himself a drink and picked up the glass. He sat there looking intently at the drink before lifting it to his lips and took a large gulp. It had been quite a few years since he had had a drink and he savoured the taste of it in his mouth, thrilled at the feel of it burning his throat on the way down and fondly remembered the warmth as it spread in his stomach. “You shouldn’t have done that, you know,” a voice spoke from behind him.
  11. Author intro

    Thanks everyone for the welcome, support and advice. Much appreciated.
  12. Review Program

    yes. that is true... I don't bother with reading reviews myself. Like the movies... all the critics hate it.. I go watch it. Critics love it... I'm out. and funny? I know right. lol. to be fair, I actually got an honest review from two friends. This one from my old housemate... "I was skeptical at first, but this is very well written, and a very enjoyable book to read. It hooks you and reels you in with creative spooky twists around every corner with an aura of unpredictability and suspense. It is definitely worth the purchase! Looking forward to future releases from this author!" G Huff so... shouldn't complain too much I guess. lol
  13. How to buy/get ArtBytes

    ahh.. right.. cheers mate. I already say on my facebook page that people can pay with crypto. so..
  14. Review Program

    yeah, maybe I didn't explain myself clearly... I wouldn't use the word negative opinions though. I would say construct criticism are more than welcome, however, a negative review just because someone doesn't like the genre is hardly fair. I wouldn't read a romance novel just to give it a negative review so I can get "paid" I'm sure I said a reward program.. but hey... it was just an idea to help other authors, new authors to get their name out there... shoot me down.. all good.
  15. Author intro

    Thank you. It certainly put things in perspective, that's for sure.