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  1. I'm here

    Sorry for not getting back to you all, and I know my post was short, but I was also tired and hadn't been feeling well. Anyway, thank you guys all for welcoming me. I look forward to seeing what this community turns into! I will probably always be a perfectionist, but working with certain mediums, you begin to quickly realize that during the starting process of everything, it's not going to look like what you want. It takes time and patience. Granted I'm still learning patience (it's not one of my virtues, sadly, ), it's a slow and steady process. I know right now I'm contemplating a desert kind of scene, but we'll see where my next project takes me! Oh yeah, and the most expensive paint I have is a small tube of Alizarin Crimson. Lemme tell you, that color has been a life saver!
  2. Watercolors

    Just some watercolor stuff I've done. I'm still practicing considering that I feel they aren't that good. Partner said to post them anyway.
  3. I'm here

    So recently discovered this place via reddit. Figured I would check it out and see what I can make of it. I do doodle, but to me, not very well. Right now working in watercolors, as it seems to be my choice medium at this time (colored pencils, soft pastels, oil pastels, and now watercolors).