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  1. Intro 2

    Oh gosh 😯 I put that in my About section ... do you not see it? 😱
  2. Setas Acuarelas

    Yes, you are quite right, I had to remove it because it was gobbling up almost all my total allocation for attachments ... I've now edited the post and added the Gallery link .... thank you very much for being in touch!! Much appreciated
  3. Setas Acuarelas

    Thanks for sharing those - they look lovely! I've now got a grip of linking the gallery - I think!
  4. Setas Acuarelas

    Yes, I understand what you're saying and part of the issue was my own confusion about the gallery system here; however, I still think that the limit for images to be used within a forum discussion are ridiculously small and I'm not suggesting High Resolution - no where near it - but a total of 500kb, really?
  5. Setas Acuarelas

    Series of watercolours exploring the movement of paint and the combination of fantasy and reality.
  6. Where is the members gallery? ... ok, found it
  7. Setas Acuarelas

    SA0088 pushes extremely vibrant colours in bold contrast to their softer counterparts in the pinks and blues as if combining flesh with jewellery. As can be seen in the second image, a detail, the iridescent gold is a powerful component that as you gaze at the painting from different angles flashes from an almost brilliant white gold to a deep, rich yellow gold. On close inspection, detail 2, the gold becomes dust and the ridges between the shifting colours produces a gorgeous 3D effect that reveals an earthy inner core. NOTE: I’m going to rethink image posting here because the size limits are ridiculous, utterly ridiculous for an art site!
  8. Intro 2

    I’m learning do much this morning thank you folks! I added it to my About Me section of my profile ... I wonder would it not be better to have a particular place in one’s profile for one’s Wallet Address?
  9. Intro 2

    Thank you BiancaB that’s very kind of you ... still finding my feet, and legs, and torso ... I think I’ve found a toenail, and it’s painted!!! Jejejeje bit by bit
  10. Cooool ... thanks for that, will go visit
  11. Attachment limits

    Uufff not getting used to how the attachments limits work. Can I only attach so much in one thread? Or one post? Looking for help here ...
  12. Setas Acuarelas

    Detail from SA0174 showing how some heavier pigments push lighter ones around, creating borders that are sometimes quite hard edged and sometimes they bleed in beautiful organic forms - the paints here are by Daniel Smith - I love iridescence taking part in mushroom experience!
  13. Setas Acuarelas

    Setas Acuarelas is part of a larger project called La Gente de las Setas - Mushroom People - but more on that later. These are experiments in the movement of paint, the relationship between artist and medium, exploring texture and form. The basic shapes are generic mushroom shapes filled with me playing with paint; they are not representative images nor completely abstract but a combination of reality and fantasy. Shown: SA0174
  14. Intro 2

    Jumps up and down waving for the second time because it was only after introducing myself that I read I should include my wallet address here: ooops, much to learn Wallet: AQLqoRLUfob5Xzx2FfS4Lwa8B3eUrcVRKE
  15. Hi ArtByters

    Intrigued and fascinated and only on my first coffee of the day ... looking forward to solids ... Scottish anthropologist, filmmaker, photographer, artist working in Seville, Andalucia, Spain and in Glasgow, Edinburgh, St Andrews, Scotland, and Elsewhere, and in Second Life. First link my artmontgomery pages: artmontgomery-neil First image post: one from the Setas Acuarelas series ...