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  1. Party Animals Sketches

    These are fabulous, I love them 😍
  2. Hi ArtByters

    Thanks Frank!! Good to meet you here 😁
  3. Hi ArtByters

    Thank you very much Benres ... looking forward to more time spent here! 😁
  4. Hi ArtByters

    Hey HJ so you know your boletus!! Fabulous ... look forward to mush more talk about mushies ... boletus satanas are quite extraordinary; beautiful to photograph and paint 🎨 😁
  5. Hi ArtByters

    Thank you very much Jackson ... good to meet you here 😁
  6. Hi ArtByters

    Thank you very much Theo!!! Good to meet you here 😁
  7. Hi ArtByters

    Thank you very much Donatella!! Hope all is well and good with you 😁
  8. Hi ArtByters

    Thank you Konstantin!! Look forward to browsing through your work 😁
  9. Hi ArtByters

    Hi Bianka!! That is kind of you to send a message 😊
  10. Hi ArtByters

    Thank you for those kind words and I'm looking forward to finding out more about your work! 😊
  11. Hi ArtByters

    Thank you very much Deniassiahaan!!! Looking forward to more togetherness 😊
  12. Intro 2

    Oh gosh 😯 I put that in my About section ... do you not see it? 😱
  13. Setas Acuarelas

    Yes, you are quite right, I had to remove it because it was gobbling up almost all my total allocation for attachments ... I've now edited the post and added the Gallery link .... thank you very much for being in touch!! Much appreciated
  14. Setas Acuarelas

    Thanks for sharing those - they look lovely! I've now got a grip of linking the gallery - I think!
  15. Setas Acuarelas

    Yes, I understand what you're saying and part of the issue was my own confusion about the gallery system here; however, I still think that the limit for images to be used within a forum discussion are ridiculously small and I'm not suggesting High Resolution - no where near it - but a total of 500kb, really?