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  1. Looking at your comment again, it still look sarcastic to me. If I was shocked about someone else's work, I would say it differently. I mean c'mon, that comment is degrading my work. "Skin??? Wow... Soon there will be artists about nails, noses, ears..." Never mind. I don't wanna start discussion about that in here. Apology accepted.
  2. Playing around with new skin

    Skin is actually painted on some basic templates. Ofc you can use 3D software if you like, but Photoshop is sufficient enough for this matter.
  3. Since I faced some sarcastic comments about my work. I wanted to show you, how Second Life skins are made. If you say "SKIN" in Second Life, that DOESN'T mean only the skin color of the character. SL skin is literally a virtual skin with every detail you see - lips, eyes, eyebrows, nails, nose, nipples, shading, everything you see on the outside of the avatar except hair and clothes. These are made separately. This is basic template. You have to paint entire skin layer on that in 3D software on mesh model or in Photoshop. It doesn't really matter which way you do that. So, before you do another sarcastic comment "Oh wow, skin color! That must be really hard to make!" make sure you know something about that, please. Because yeah, it actually requires alot of patience and time. This is the character with basic templates and without Skin.
  4. Playing around with new skin

    well if you don't like it....just sayin'. Actually nails, noses ears, that comes with the skin. It's not only the skin color, It includes all the details you see, you know? Lips, look of the eyes, shading, it's all painted. So please, if you don't know anything about it, I don't think it's fair to comment it this way.
  5. Playing around with new skin

    The hair is not my work. My work is skin for the character. I agree, though. It's hard to find really realistic hair in Second life to fit the head perfectly.
  6. A hello

    Haha, Same here. I had to try it out of curiosity! Love your picture you posted btw
  7. A hello

    Hi Isabelle and Welcome!
  8. So, in previous post i introduced you to my new skin Dottie I'm preparing for the Vintage fair. I made some improvements since then. For example eyebrows. I dare to say they look more realistic right now. I was aiming for so called ombre effect and I think I get that pretty great. Now, a little sneak peak for the retro make-up. It's far from finished and I could remake it 10 times before it'll be released. I think I'm gonna keep those eyeliners, though, haha! Preview If you don't know Second Life and You cannot imagine what Skin-making is in there, please, read this post below.
  9. Second Life® - another piece of work

    This is so nice to read. Thank you!
  10. Skin making in Second life

    Thank you all for your kind words! I know right? It's incredible how far we got, since sculpties were introduced as a new thing
  11. So, here is another product I recently released inside Second Life. Everybody knows it on AD picture. Let me show you here unedited version. I'm actually going backwards with my creations, because I started with newest product. I guess it doesn't matter anyway Hope you like it. In case you're wondering, I used Mesh head by Catwa and mesh body by Maitreya. Two products I'm working with while skin making. The skin below is called "Hope". I made it for my very first big event. You can know the event by name "Skin Fair" (A yearly event in Second Life. Month, when all skin makers around SL work their asses off to prepare the best shopping experience :D). The name Hope is because I was really hoping, people will like it! The second skin is Lucy, another piece I created for Skin Fair.
  12. So, here goes nothing. If you wanna know everything about my brand Spicy, you can visit my website here - https://spicybodyshop.com/ My Flickr https://www.flickr.com/gp/veronika_beningborough/B9303k. And Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SpicyBodyshop/ As much as I love to bring my pictures to perfection. I decided I'll be sharing mostly "raw" images of my creations , for you to see how it really looks unedited. So, Image below is something I've been preparing for a few weeks now. Not that it's too hard to make, well obviously it's pain in the ass sometimes, but I've been 1) lazy 2) RL busy. What I'm preparing is a female skin called "Dottie". It'll be exclusive item for Vintage fair, an event in Second Life, that you can visit every year. I hope you like her!
  13. Hi everyone :)

    Sooo, where to start. I discovered this community recently. I'm not entirely sure what to expect, but I had to try it, because I like to try new things My name is Veronika, I'm an ordinary girl, who likes gaming and enjoys online experience. But I'm not always disconnected from real world. My hapiness is my lil angel Jenny a white doggo who always makes me smile. My contributions will be from virtual wrold Second Life. I've been a resident since 2008 and my interests in-world are texturing and skin making. I hope you'll enjoy my creation as much as I enjoy making it. My art wallet adress AJdWYZiK6zhCG74GW8CJTLhhym2qvpZhtV