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  1. A hello

    Thank you. Still not sure what Im doing but will eventually work it out lol
  2. A hello

    thank you. i just used the online wallet thing till I understand what it does. I haven't a clue right now but will read some more
  3. A hello

    Thank you. I will try and work it out. I created the wallet address but wasn't sure where it goes . I liked to my Reddit by joining the sub Reddit but no idea if I did that correctly lol. Still its a learning experience :-)
  4. A hello

    My favourite person in the world is Strawberry Singh and when she posted about this site I thought I would come and join and look at what there is. I was pleased to see a virtual community in here so chose to join. Im no great artist. I am a person who enjoys blogging and vlogging and enjoys using digital imagery for this. There is something incredibly calming to me about both filming and photographing in a virtual way and I have been doing so for most of my virtual online experience. I cannot use Photoshop, try as I may Im just useless so most photos I do are pretty raw and only has a slight edit in terms of some filters on a basic free program called Fotor. My passion is filming and so I have a YouTube channel on which I post regularly. I often vlog on there and talk about real topics using my virtual persona. I have no idea what this virtual wallet is but I saw that you get one of these so I have set it up. It is ANoizGqM7GngM7WuD34TGTG2y8o97dJ8Nq
  5. Virtual photos

    Some of my favourite virtual photos. I dont use Photoshop as i do like the imperfections. Bit like life, its not perfect and is full of imperfections. But also being honest I haven't a diddly squat how to use Photoshop.
  6. Isabelle Cheren

    Just me for the profile