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    Hello Isabelle and welcome to the show!!
  2. Portrait of a young woman

    Amazing work and video!!
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    Love your work Rob!! Welcome to the forum!!
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    9,Welcome Twistedcheshire! cant wait to see your work!
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    Welcome to the forum Trimmertop!!
  6. First jazz Artbyte band...from Spain!!

    thanks Konstantin!!
  7. First jazz Artbyte band...from Spain!!

    thank you!! great art here!!
  8. First jazz Artbyte band...from Spain!!

    thanks to all!!! What a warm welcome!! we are looking forward to connect with other Artbyte artists and hope we grow together! Hugs from Spain!!
  9. First jazz Artbyte band...from Spain!!

    Hi Artbyters! We are Millennium Mambo, a brand new jazz band from Spain. We´ve just joined Artbyte, and we´ve uploaded our first album to the Artbyte music store. we´ll be uploading more music soon! http://music.artbyte.me/album/millennium-mambo/ We are looking forward to hanging out in this community and to contributing to the creative space! we´re are glad to introduce ourselves our music. Check it out also our co working proyect with the talented visual artist Irene Cruz in our website: www.millenniummambomusic.com. It´s a big proyect joining music, video, art photography and audiovisuals. Here´s a clip of our music live, so you can know us In our Youtube channel have also more live videos and a making of of the album YOu can also listen our album in Spotify if you like: Hope you like it and enjoy the music! looking forward for meeting others creators in this great space. greetings from Spain!! Artbyte wallet: AJpK1hFPkHWBsVDvS5EQZ9WvMd2Ct5mAWe