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  1. Buy and sell artbytes

    i wish you the best @BDS
  2. z_1f21cfa2.jpg

    AM impressed with your drawing,its awesome
  3. Francesco Hayez / Shakespeare | The Kiss, 1859 | Art in Detail

    its beautiful,force to kiss,lol
  4. Adolphe Valette | Urban landscapes of Manchester

  5. Buy and sell artbytes

    what are you doing to get those studio back to live?
  6. Now its the time of bitcoin

    it would certainly take a time
  7. i also have the same issue but i believe artbyte crew are still working on this,lets relax
  8. great work done from admin and co
  9. Daily Quotes

    A husbands phone is like an onion,the more you open,the more tears roll down your eyes. DO NOT TOUCH
  10. Daily Quotes

    a seal mouth is a seal destiny
  11. Wallet not syncing with internet.

    artbyte staff are working on this,they would fix it soon,it affect all of us
  12. Self-introduction

    this is beautiful,welcome to the artbyte forum,ensure to add your wallet
  13. Daily Quotes

    never determine a mans worth by the value of what you see
  14. Buy and sell artbytes

    below 1sat?i never see any coin went to that level
  15. Now its the time of bitcoin

    my advice is that we should all be patience and HOLD for now,
  16. Daily Quotes

    let not what you can not do tear you from what you can do
  17. this is very interesting to hear this
  18. home of artist Jackson Pollock limits visitors

    thanks for sharing all this facts always
  19. Btc makes new ATH(all time high)

    you are perfectly right,money laundry has been the major issue why many country were against the adoption of cryptocurrency.
  20. why are they doing this to us,i believe so much in artbyte crew,they would fix it soon
  21. Daily Quotes

    Defeat is never a final,you can always begin again,the seeds for a bright future are often sown in the hearts of fallen....
  22. In Crown Jewels Heist in Sweden, 2 Thieves Escape by Speedboat

    they will be caught very soon but security measure should be taking to avoid such like this in the future
  23. Visibility for Artists and Authors

    you are welcome to the artbyte forum,ensure you put your wallet ads