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  1. What a memorable place this has been so far. Hope the new website will serve the intending purpose.
  2. Pz54J8MQJq0.jpg

    Love that smile.
  3. Ybra018J4bg.jpg

    Attention Sir!
  4. Ch_fV8aWOCs.jpg

    Hmmmm proudly Russian.
  5. C_029sRB6_4.jpg

    Delicious pizza ? loooooooooooool
  6. Ch_fV8aWOCs.jpg

    Seems Russian nurses are the hottest in the world... Lol
  7. 1hCDR8YzcK4.jpg

    Mere coincidence. Just said that cos of the way he posed like a boss.
  8. 1hCDR8YzcK4.jpg

    The boss himself. Nice.
  9. C_029sRB6_4.jpg

    That's biggy head mama. Hehehehe
  10. Ch_fV8aWOCs.jpg

    So hot... Which country are you from @Gates?
  11. z_1f21cfa2.jpg

    Fabulous work of art. Keep it up.

    Did you do this using a software? I like them.
  13. Coloring pages

  14. @icartzz

    Wow.. Is that a tail I'm seeing or what. Kudos mate.
  15. Marine Resonances

    This is so lovely @Oana Painter. Keep it up.
  16. 7.jpg

    Nice painting. This must be Mr Gate and the madam. Loooooool
  17. 111.jpg

    That was a brain swelling complement @Gates
  18. 111.jpg

    Weldone Mr gate. Your painting is beautiful. I'll like if you can always add a little writeup about inspired you to embark on a certain painting.
  19. Painting on Wood

    Wow.. Beautiful,especially the egg type. I have some empty ostrich eggs ?, can you do crafting on them?
  20. Circle Motifs

  21. Circle Motif 231

    Lots of lessons that can be learned from nature. Even from butterfly, I took my colour combination and pattern from that beautiful creature.
  22. Countryside Sunset

    I love your work
  23. Resting Dragon

    Rodd de great. Nice work..
  24. My art (Serfijn Sein)

    Isn't that an owl? That's beautiful.