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  1. Tipping on Twitter

    Where have you been man?
  2. Some problems

    Exactly, and if they refused you get your tip back without a bonus. That's why I prefer Twitter tipping but not doing any at the moment.
  3. Expectation from artbyte

    It's about to break out but just need volume to sustain it. Aby currently 4th on the log of gainers within the 24hrs on bittrex.
  4. 7.jpg

    Nice painting. This must be Mr Gate and the madam. Loooooool
  5. Hopefully you don't have your investment tied to any of those tokens or coins when such happen.
  6. That has been a normal market reaction. The longer the uninspiring months, the bigger the boom when the bulls finally return.
  7. 111.jpg

    That was a brain swelling complement @Gates
  8. How to receive a tip?

    I'll advice you get a personal Wallet. It may be web wallet or window wallet. Install it and you have your wallet address that serves as your account number. Anytime you feel like, you can transfer from your Reddit account to this wallet. Mind you ensure you keep save your wallet private key and password.
  9. Hello ArtByte Community!

    Great having you here. ArtByte is revolutionizing the art world. You are welcome.
  10. No doubt about that at all. My fear is about some altcoins that would disappear into the thin air.
  11. Nothing secret sir. My conclusion is in terms of volume. Assuming I want to trade on cryptopia, it would take ages for my order to get filled except if you wanna be santa Claus in July. Volume of aby @cryptopia is 0.04 while in bittrex is close to 2btc. Hope you understand my sentiment?
  12. Daily Quotes

    This is a faith booster. Very inspiring. Thanks.
  13. Hope this is not an issue of double spending?
  14. I do trade on both bittrex and cryptopia. Cryptopia is cool too but it's only good for traders with small investment.