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  1. What a memorable place this has been so far. Hope the new website will serve the intending purpose.
  2. Pz54J8MQJq0.jpg

    Love that smile.
  3. Ybra018J4bg.jpg

    Attention Sir!
  4. First jazz Artbyte band...from Spain!!

    Very inspiring @Millennium Mambo. I'll like to visit your band anytime I'm in Spain towards the end of the year.
  5. Hollow Knight

    Not really a lover of game but the graphics of this one is superb and tempting. I might need to try my hand on it.
  6. Daily Quotes

    No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.
  7. Market is showing up trend

    Maybe the artbyte team can just look into Deviantart tipping but looking at it critically is there any other positive than what Twitter and Reddit offer right now?
  8. Thanks TAco. The place where I need to put my backup, is it the folder link I'm to put there?
  9. That would have been the easiest if I can send. But as it stands, I can't send at all.
  10. buying artbyte

    Very optimistic about aby. It has a good structure.
  11. Market is showing up trend

    Two days is not enough to say we are in bull season. I'm very sceptical about it. It might be DCB.
  12. p2pool for Artbyte

    Nice information mate.
  13. Daily Quotes

    Change begin with US.
  14. Pls do you know how to export my wallet to window wallet from web wallet?
  15. buying artbyte

    Yeah, whitepaper is nothing. It's easy to get a very good white paper, what matters is the tenacity and dedication of the team at delivering on their promises. Personally, artbyte team is trying regarding this.