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    painting, light art, bees, mandalas, glass art, sacred geometry, installation, nature, carlos castanedas tensegrity, buckminster fuller, chess, color theory after albers, goethe, itten, küppers, newton, phillips hue color light system.

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  1. Painting on Wood

    Hallo friends, these are few examples for my geometrical painings with rennaissance like pigments and oli on wood. My special interessiert is on sacred geometry. These are few mandalas, that will energetize your room. Hope your will like it! For more pleas check my website: http//istvanseidel.de or pinterest https://pin.it/6ohotpoxafyjn5
  2. egg formed painting on wood

    From the album Painting on Wood

    19x13,5cm, 2018, oil and gouache on wood, my first peace of the east see trip inspired to paint not on rechtangle form, but on egg formed plates. Motive also east see inspired: sky and see with horizont and zenith. Other exemles will follow.
  3. Hallo, as i can see in my online account, my address is:


    where the other address is from i don’t know. How can i access?

  4. Painting figure in landscape

    thanks. no, this is gouache, silver and oil on wood.
  5. Detail from the Pic before

    From the album Painting on Wood

    © istvan seidel

  6. Painting figure in landscape

    From the album Painting on Wood

    40,5x25cm, 2018, oil and gouache on wood
  7. From the album Sculpture

    moving mechanism and light to follow...
  8. Sculpture

    Hallo friends, i carv small figures of cherry wood. They are about 10-16cm high. Then i montage them on wooden gears, and build an electro mechanism, witch can make turn the figures around themselves. At least i will project colored light on the figures, so i can spot the moving colored shadows of them on the white wall behind. Hope you will enjoy the show, here are some stands, and maybe later some gifs and a Video.
  9. Small painting from 2018

    From the album Painting on Wood

    tree painted circles seem to form a figure in landscape
  10. From the album Painting on Wood

    Some unfinished works in my very small studio of only 2qm
  11. small painting on wood

    From the album Painting on Wood

    same as the first one but with geometrical patterns. Notice, there are three polygons with inner and outer rings. The beams go first trough the inner, then trough the outer ring.

    © istvan seidel