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    painting, light art, bees, mandalas, glass art, sacred geometry, installation, nature
  1. Hello dear friends, here in preparation for my shadow art project a clip from the shadows of my playing kids. The lightsource is the sun, the actors as i said my kids, the canvas the sand. Hope you will enjoy it! best regards https://youtu.be/pfnTKxs5SzE
  2. Yes, i’m working on it. This is the first shot. Aktually i am working on a electromechanical motor, that moves the gears and make the colored shadows of the carved figures dance on the screen behind. Until than please see my past light installations on my website and elsewhere. best regards I;
  3. nice work, like your art!
  4. first of all, how do i verify, this twitter account belongs to me? Second, how do i link my twitteraccount to my artbytewallet, so i can tip other artists, or receive tips? br
  5. thanks to all! How can i get here donation? Do i have to post pictures of my work here in the tread? And please someone could explain me how tipping on twitter works. My twitter account is not only about art, but also political. Do i need an account with only art issues? best regards
  6. thanks, i have many many questions about artbyte, but don’t want to overtax you. First see the Questions above. Many items may result from the discussion. best regards:I. and please, sorry for my bad english!
  7. here my telegram channel: https://t.me/istvankunst best regards
  8. yes i have twitter: @bleibe_jung but didn’t get, how tipping works. Why don’t you do this with Pinterest, i guess there are much more artists than twitter. Ah i forgot, i’m on Telegram too. It is a very fast and easy to handle channel, so my telegram is the most aktual of my channels. I read, Telegram wants to bring out a Kryptocurrency to, so why don’t you work with them? best regards I.
  9. Hello dear friends, my name is István and i am a german/hungarian artist living in eastern germany. I do small painings on wood, and light installations in witch i use carved wood figures, effects with light and shadow and optical things like mirrors, lenses, prisms, projectors erc. Fore some examples of my artwork please see my galleries here (to be coninued) my website: http://istvanseidel.de and my pinterest: https://pin.it/2txdx5u2l46j6q I got few questions: have you got an Artbyte button for website or pinterest to receive donations? Can i trade Artbyte only in other crypts or also in €? At least, have we got some germans or hungarians here? And is the Artbyte team interested in exhibitions in real life? best regards:István PS: if you want to support my art, please donate to: AbU3i7Bsi87iyqmAijxuaAyeLW4z76carz
  10. Sculpture

    Hallo friends, i carv small figures of cherry wood. They are about 10-16cm high. Then i montage them on wooden gears, and build an electro mechanism, witch can make turn the figures around themselves. At least i will project colored light on the figures, so i can spot the moving colored shadows of them on the white wall behind. Hope you will enjoy the show, here are some stands, and maybe later some gifs and a Video.
  11. Painting on Wood

    Hallo friends, these are few examples for my geometrical painings with rennaissance like pigments and oli on wood. My special interessiert is on sacred geometry. These are few mandalas, that will energetize your room. Hope your will like it! For more pleas check my website: http//istvanseidel.de or pinterest https://pin.it/6ohotpoxafyjn5