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    painting, light art, bees, mandalas, glass art, sacred geometry, installation, nature, carlos castanedas tensegrity, buckminster fuller, chess, color theory after albers, goethe, itten, küppers, newton, phillips hue color light system.

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  1. Here is another peace, i painted today, this is a small study plate. I came back from east see vacation and saw a lot endless horizont, blue sky and see. And my inspiration was not to paint on rechtangle plates, but on round, oval and egg formed ones. This is the verry first peace, others, bigger ones with several colorages will follow. Hope they will build a nice ensemble. Hope you will enjoy it! Scannerd with my ipad
  2. egg formed painting on wood

    From the album Painting on Wood

    19x13,5cm, 2018, oil and gouache on wood, my first peace of the east see trip inspired to paint not on rechtangle form, but on egg formed plates. Motive also east see inspired: sky and see with horizont and zenith. Other exemles will follow.
  3. Painting on Wood

    Hallo friends, these are few examples for my geometrical painings with rennaissance like pigments and oli on wood. My special interessiert is on sacred geometry. These are few mandalas, that will energetize your room. Hope your will like it! For more pleas check my website: http//istvanseidel.de or pinterest https://pin.it/6ohotpoxafyjn5
  4. Hallo, as i can see in my online account, my address is:


    where the other address is from i don’t know. How can i access?

  5. Painting figure in landscape

    thanks. no, this is gouache, silver and oil on wood.
  6. Hello Guys, here two images from a new painting on wood, 40,5x25cm, hope you will enjoy it:
  7. Detail from the Pic before

    From the album Painting on Wood

    © istvan seidel

  8. Painting figure in landscape

    From the album Painting on Wood

    40,5x25cm, 2018, oil and gouache on wood
  9. Hello dear friends, here in preparation for my shadow art project a clip from the shadows of my playing kids. The lightsource is the sun, the actors as i said my kids, the canvas the sand. Hope you will enjoy it! best regards https://youtu.be/pfnTKxs5SzE
  10. Yes, i’m working on it. This is the first shot. Aktually i am working on a electromechanical motor, that moves the gears and make the colored shadows of the carved figures dance on the screen behind. Until than please see my past light installations on my website and elsewhere. best regards I;
  11. first of all, how do i verify, this twitter account belongs to me? Second, how do i link my twitteraccount to my artbytewallet, so i can tip other artists, or receive tips? br
  12. thanks to all! How can i get here donation? Do i have to post pictures of my work here in the tread? And please someone could explain me how tipping on twitter works. My twitter account is not only about art, but also political. Do i need an account with only art issues? best regards
  13. thanks, i have many many questions about artbyte, but don’t want to overtax you. First see the Questions above. Many items may result from the discussion. best regards:I. and please, sorry for my bad english!
  14. here my telegram channel: https://t.me/istvankunst best regards