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  1. Hi all, Would like to say hi, to all of you.. Last week I was invited to come join ArtByte, and I am wow'ed ..such great intiative.. I won this weeks Artist Showcase, and I feel honored of course... Thanks so much! I am since 2007 a photographer in a virtual world, called SecondLife... It's in the first place a hobby, but truly keeps me very busy though, which I so love.. I enjoy editing raw snaps in photoshop, for clients (people who play inworld secondlife) and making little art works for them.. its a true passion.... Looking forward to go explore ArtByte, cause there i still so much I dont know about.. Wishing you all a beautiful day My wallet: AQtcgAuniEM5u9WrhwEBNdLibir9BYgSwF
  2. Thanks lots for sharing this !! So very appreciated <3 https://www.flickr.com/photos/37690108@N05/