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    There is no way you can act against a movie director. Because a script writer has a motive/intention for writing the script he only invite the actor needed for the cast when you act against the already written script you get kicked out because he wouldn't want you to weeds among the wheats. What am saying in essence is that there is a script already written about you going on and act it out according to the script writer. Only when you act out that part written concerning you that is only when you can shine I.e in acting out well is your making it. Find your own part try as much as possible to locate it.there is something already written about by God from the pages of his word. Locate tour own potential and use it well . He said i came in the volume of books as it is written of me. What is written is written no one can change it. LOCATE YOURS AND BE DILIGENT WITH IT.
  2. hello

    i'm a new member here. a friend introduce me to this group and i hope am all welcome here. i wish to know more about the forum, the rules and regulations.
  3. What are you insinuating @anw are you saying we should wait 40years for it to appreciate. That is you want but for me few weeks aby is going to get there Life and death are in the power of the tongue. And out if the abundance of the heart the mouth speak. Out of what is your heart is what you said. But for me sooner than later we shall get there.
  4. Thanks for the enlightment @Adedunmola
  5. Hello! New here, wanna show you guys some art:)

    Only the painter I mean the real person does the painting can say much about it
  6. Thanks so much am grateful for this
  7. Though this old post but people found the step so interesting I belief the admin wouldn't take this against us.

    I wonder ooooo Let deepfreez come out himself and shed more light to it for us cos as for me am confuse ooo

    It a good thing to return the glory to the owner I love that word its the Lord doing and that God will keep on elevating you
  10. Rap/Hip-Hop Music

    What did you mean by it was a repeated work
  11. Am new here

    BTCcurrent you are welcome enjoy yourself
  12. Share your quote/inspiration words

    When one reject wisdom he/she as already pay ignorance which will he/her a fool forever
  13. You are welcome to the artbyte community It's nice having you here be sure to add your wallet and endeavor to go through the rules and regulations and the community.
  14. Hi ArtByte artists! I am new here....

    Congratulations and at the same time you are welcome to the community.
  15. YOBIT wallet update

    But to my own best of knowledge when people started complain about you or something that is person or thing need a change of character or method of doing things are the stock/exchange in question not tired of the people complain that they Gould change their ways or method they are only spoiling things for themselves cos what I have heard from you even if I wish to do business with them before this is enough for me to change mine mind
  16. Confiruge mining ABY with cpuminer in zpool.ca

    Can you link one up with that person
  17. The growth in the market is due to the confidence people has in bit coin and crypto market exchange and if this is maintain it will continue growing.
  18. YOBIT wallet update

    That is it required more study and research to know which coin and the exchange that is more viable.
  19. Hello Artbyte community

    You are much welcome to artbyte community
  20. Only a twitter that is 90days and above can benefit from this if get you right
  21. hello

    Thanks to you all for the overwhelmed welcoming
  22. Expectation from artbyte

    OK I get you but can all altcoin survive on there own without depending on bit coin
  23. hello

    Thanks for welcoming me to the forum I really appreciate your advice
  24. Skip you are most welcome the group enjoy yourself