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  1. Digital Art Discussion

    We're just discussing stuff like how to make certain effects with the software we use, the styles we have while making it, etc.
  2. Digital Art Discussion

    This is just a random discussion for digital art.
  3. Sci-Fi World Building

    Feel free to add on to this discussion with your own ideas
  4. Sci-Fi World Building

    I’m not sure about the religion thing, but the democratic government on Epoch, despite the healthcare, is corrupt and the crime rate is high, with a large amount of them being violent crimes. The police respond to violent crimes with more violence, contributing to the already high murder rate.
  5. Sci-Fi World Building

    No need to apologise - It is a cyberpunk world with a democratic government - Antimatter, hydrogen, and solar power are some of the most important energy sources - Society is equivalent to America with a Canadian style healthcare system - AI are being used in several key sectors - Genetic Engineering is still a controversial topic concerning children - The average lifespan is 175 years, some live for 300 years - LGBT and Heterosexual relationships are both common, with LGBT relationships narrowly outnumbering heterosexual relationships. Marriage is still a thing. People usually have up to 3 kids per family. Interspecies relationships between intelligent species is a common occurrence and isn't frowned upon. - No religion is more important than other religions - Media is a powerful weapon in this world - There are people on Earth, but living costs there are stupidly high - Other intelligent species reside within Human space, often with the same rights as regular humans. There are also animal species like our own as well. - The Aerospace, Entertainment, Automobile, and Energy fields are the biggest fields right now in this universe. Epoch itself has a large titanium industry as well.
  6. I'd be fine. I would help support other artists in their careers and help them become successful.
  7. Sci-Fi World Building

    I'm planning to write stories in this universe, but I would also like to see others do stories in this universe, like a shared universe type of thing. I did start this for fun, but I am planning on writing more stories set in this world.
  8. Sci-Fi World Building

    At this point, solar systems are like the equivalent of states within a country. Humanity has control over the Milky way in a Democratically elected government similar in style to the American government, but adapted to fit an entire galaxy. The Epoch system is one of many systems, but has a significantly higher population than most systems, including our future solar system. Cryptocurrencies are still in existence, but are much more stable than in our time. Feel free to add onto this thread if you have any ideas.
  9. Sci-Fi World Building

    I want to write some stories set in this universe. I also wanted to do world building with others because it's fun to look at the ideas people come up with for their worlds.
  10. Sci-Fi World Building

    It is a Cyberpunk inspired system ruled by a representative democracy based on the American Government with Canadian social programs, and is a major hub for intergalactic trade. The system has a total population of 3.5 trillion inhabitants on Epoch(the earth-like planet) and a combined population of 7 trillion.
  11. Sci-Fi World Building

    This is a Human controlled system, but there are other species as well. I never did design them, but you can submit your idea of other species if you want to.
  12. Sci-Fi World Building

    I already named the Gas Giants(Chromium and Jade), some conglomerates. and one of the major cities in my sci-fi-world(Rainbow City), but not much beyond that. I also did design a lot of vehicles and space stations for the setting. You can add onto this thread if you like.
  13. Sci-Fi World Building

    Thanks. I like using crayons to get a dream-like effect. And crayon shading is harder than it looks, but the results look awesome.