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  1. My digital animals & illustrations

    Sorry for such late answer! It's getting colder because winter is coming but it was sooo nice and warm!
  2. My digital animals & illustrations

    I definitely don't stop trying, I know a looong way is ahead (:
  3. My digital animals & illustrations

    Thank you! And oh my, I would definitely love this! ♥ How would you share them? Google Drive? E-mail?
  4. Black Horse Study

    This mane is #goals, I'm impressed. Beautiful! ♥
  5. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum, but I hope the category I chose is right. I'm Martith, a Polish artist adventuring abroad (currently Chile), self-proclaimed fox fanatic, with nature as a close second I'm self-taught, painting digitally for almost 6 years now. I love painting animals and doing photo studies. I'd love to present you some of my artworks. For photo studies I use mostly pictures licensed with CC0 license. Some of the artworks I've made are commissions, therefore I used photos belonging to their rightful owners My portfolio: http://martith.art ArtByte address: AV8cu6oG2tCBwbapsz3Xxhu6R2fshGES6h Other art socials: DeviantArt | YouTube | Instagram | ArtStation Thanks for checking out ♥