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My name is Oliver Gloßner and I live in the idyllic town of Harburg (Schwaben) in Bavaria Germany.

I have been an enthusiastic model pilot for over 20 years now. It all started for me with RC airplanes at the Flugmodellgruppe Nördlingen (FMG Nördlingen). Almost seven years ago I discovered my passion for model helicopters. In the 3D aerobatics sector I was on the road as a show pilot at various events all over Europe.

The way to the aerial photos came via a small detour. Together with one of my best friends, Thomas Broll, I wanted to take a Canon 5D Mark III into the air. What started with a self-made camera helicopter culminated in the company Luftbild Manufaktur, with which we still offer aerial photos for commercial and private customers today. The heli is already long history, it was replaced by various multicopters. The idea behind it is still the same: to take special, even breathtaking pictures from unusual angles.

Besides my job as a “drone” pilot at the Luftbild-Manufaktur, I quickly took pleasure in taking pictures from the air myself. However, the “normal standard photos” of newly built houses or industrial plants have not really fascinated me. It was the free projects, the special aerial photographs. Landscapes, cities, nature in different seasons and light moods. The possibilities and motives increase enormously due to the free movement in space. A picture becomes a picture, the picture becomes art and that is exactly what fascinates me. It’s still new territory for me, I’m at the beginning and still have to find my style. It will be interesting to see where the journey will take me. With this website I invite you to accompany me on this way. If you like the result, let me know. If there’s something you don’t like, please feel free to let me also know this. After all, i never stop learning.