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  1. Hello

    you are welcome,enjoy your stay
  2. Share your quote/inspiration words

    thank you for sharing,full of wisdom
  3. Crypto market is rising

    one needs to learn before going into crypto trading,if not,someone will run into debt,learn when to buy and when to sell,the value of the coin you which to invest.some coin are useless,they have no value,their developer will eventually dump the coin,unlike aby coin which has value,the coins is for the artist and trading,it can be use in buying art,music e.t.c
  4. Daily Quotes

    wearing big cloth doesnt mean you are big man
  5. no,there is rules and regulations to the reddit tipping program,that is malicious act from him,total scam
  6. Praxiteles | The Diana of Gabii | Musée du Louvre

    role model,thank you for sharing the history of an icon,am thrilled
  7. Are there any artist charity organizations?

    excellent list
  8. Introducing me n my artbyte

    you are most welcome norawigs
  9. newbie

    you are most welcome to home of artbyte
  10. you are most welcome to a big art family,artbyte community
  11. Black Horse Study

    very fantastic work,and real impressed.keep it up
  12. ABY Wikipedia page

    there is a lot of work for them at the moment,you can easily notice this even with there presence in this forum,give them time,they will create a ABY page soon
  13. Happy Easter to The World.

    yes,happy easter monday,i really enjoy myself today,what a memorable day for me and my family.
  14. How do you listen to your music?

    what is the meaning of FLAC and EQ?