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  1. metalepsis

    Thank you AdamsEve! That's what I am doing. . . https://borislawart.weebly.com/blockchain-art.html
  2. metalepsis

    Thank you! Could you be more specific and light instruction would be appreciated.
  3. Metalepsis

    Megiston topos: hapanta gar chorei Μέγιστον τόπος· άπαντα γαρ χωρεί ”Space is the greatest thing, as it contains all things” Topological metalepsis (metonymy of metonymy) of Hegel Hegel’s language, syntax, concepts and notions have topological nature. The topological is presented in Hegel both as mathema (in his philosophy of mathemats) and as rethorics. If topological nature of Hegel’s mathesis is presented within his fourfold of infinities (multiplicities) and Hegel’s four type of judgments, Hegel’s rethorics is bearing the four basic tropes of rhetoric: metaphor, metonymy, synecdoche, ironi as equally presented in his manifold (Mannigfaltigkeit) of infinities, quality and quantity, time and space. In Hegel’s philosophical narratives and semiology, the emphasis is on the metonymy seen as ‘metonymy of metonymy’ or ‘metalepsis’, presented in ‘topological’ notion of Qualitative quantity (The Quality of quantity). David G. Carlson, in his Hegel’s Theory of Measure, in particular in his discussion of Measure as a Series of Measure Relations), states that “Metonymy is the theme of this new section's tongue. Metonymy is the inability to name the thing directly, but only the context of the thing. In metonymy, if the entire context is described, the unnameable thing becomes a ghostly space the existence of which is simply inferred from context.” (David G. Carlson, 2003, Hegel’s Theory of Measure:47) Marshall Stone's famous dictum 'One Must Always Topologize'
  4. Peony Fine Art Collective Media Portal

    Welcome to Peony Fine Art Collective Media Portal! This is the Landing Page of our QR Fine Art Prints. https://borislawart.weebly.com/peony-fine-art-collective.html Perhaps you are here with the help of your phone via the scan of one QR Fine Art Prints listed bellow, exhibited physically in the gallery or virtually in social media, somewhere in the city or on your wall. Following the real art work through the scanned QR code, you can experience here short films, music, literature and more, all through a fine art print and a phone. Here you can find information related with the content of each QR Artwork. Each QR Artwork as print or as limited digital edition is interactive artwork that tells stories. Our intention is to expand the experience beyond the initial reaction to the visual artwork and to allow the artist to actively communicate with the viewer. Peony Fine Art Collective Media Portal is a new media channel where you can listen to music, watch a film, and read stories in a multimedia dynamic experience triggered by the interactive and responsive artwork. Think of each artwork as both art you hang on the wall and subscription to wonderful content by the artist and the artists from our Peony Fine Art Collective. Our goal is to update the content here as often as possible so you get access to creative stories told through the art you own or view, perhaps through the artwork on your wall. Our concept is unique as we have here several works of art at once. This is the so called 'keep in touch' concept or 'topological between', between the artist and the spectator. Both, the artist and the spectator participate in such experience. Metalepsis is text into the text and image into the image, double metonymy. Metalepsis is participation. QR Artwork will take you away to content/media that will be updated so the relation between the artist and spectator/owner of the work of art will be enhance.
  5. Peony Fine Art Collective

    Peony Fine Art Collective is the first artist to artist collective and blockchain gallery in Bulgaria to start accepting cryptocurrency for works of art. The goal of Peony Fine Art Collective is to support visual artists and sell art for cryptocurrencies via blockchain based platform such as ascribe and ArtByte. Peony Fine Art Collective offer support and services via ascribe and ArtByte. Ascribe is the future of Art via blockchain and AI. Via ascribe we are glad to offer to our artists a unique ID and a digital Certificate of Authenticity (COA) to prove provenance and authenticity and ability to create a limited digital editions of their art works, also to include these works in our inventory of available works for sale via our (Peony Fine Art Collective) blockchain platform such as ArtByte. Each registered piece comes with a COA, a built in unique cryptographic ID and the complete ownership history. The COA can be verified anytime and printed out. Peony Fine Art Collective will support artists and gallery owners, collectors with the ability to create a permanent and unbreakable link between the work of art, with the record of ownership that can be forever verified and tracked. Artists and collectors can securely share their digital art work with client. With ascribe we can trace where and how our work spreads on the Internet via WhereOnThe.Net. Limited Digital Edition Art Works with COA via Blockchain Founder of Peony Fine Art Collective is the Visual Artist and Blockchain Lawyer Borislav Dimitrov.
  6. it is pike.. Canadian pike ...The book "Finnegans Wake" is like a pike
  7. Samuel Barclay Beckett

    Waiting for Godot https://borislawart.weebly.com/
  8. Paintings Embedded in QR Codes by Boris Acquiring such an art work will give you an opportunity to keep in touch with the artist who will be responsible to provide on regular basis variety of content like music, video, text via the QR code. The updates via QR and AR (Augmented reality) codes will enhance the presence of the work of art. With such innovation the owner of the art work will experience the phenomena of what Marshall McLuhan call "The medium is the message". With the use of ascribe I am glad to offer you limited digital editions of my work of art, each one with a unique ID and a digital Certificate of Authenticity (COA) to prove provenance and authenticity. Each registered piece comes with a COA, a built in unique cryptographic ID and the complete ownership history. The COA can be verified anytime and printed out. Ascribe provided me with the ability to create a permanent and unbreakable link between me and my work of art, with the record of ownership that can be forever verified and tracked. I can securely share my digital art work with clients and friends. Transferring work is made as easy as sending an email. With ascribe I can trace where and how my work spreads on the Internet via WhereOnThe.Net. https://borislawart.weebly.com/blockchain-art.html
  9. Related research and art work by Borislav Dimitrov From Hegel’s topological notion of multiplicity (topological notion of Qualitative quantity) to the topological James Joyce (Finnegans Wake) From Hegel’s Topological Notion of Multiplicity (Topological notion of Qualitative quantity) to The Topological James Joyce (Finnegans Wake)
  10. Icon-o-graphing in Visual fable James Joyce' novel "Finnegans Wake" comes to share passion extracted from the core of the Joycecentric universe and explore the Wake as experience of the eye on the mind ear. In visualizing Joyce' MeanderTale FW, my artistic attempt is to ‘translate’ his portmanteau words as portmanteau images, to envisage polyphonic phrasing and represent the visual assonance of FW echolalia,to explore the iconography of double-talk, infixes, auditory rhymes as qualia of the "messes of mottage" (FW 183). James Joyce suggestion to read FW a laud is coded also in the text of FW - "Ope Eustace tube!"(FW 535-26). My visual interpretation of the FW aims to find the Eustace tube of the eye and to "listen" the image of the sound. Having a longstanding interest and "work in progress" pleasure of reading (visually) FW, between the "unmentionable trivialities of the routine" (FW), I have completed a cycle of oils and engravings on the Wake. The engravings works are executed in "hot point" technique (pyrographic), which I developed as suitable for my understanding in illustrating Joyce' Wake. The technique is an allusion to the known "dry point" etching, but in contrast of the fine art printmaking, the final works are not printed impressions. Each work is one of kind (original), engraved with hot pointer on printmaking paper, treated with organic stain and finished with oil varnish. The originals, rich of halftones and interplay of mat and gloss elements, are very suitable for reproduction and giclee digital fine art prints. My specific appreciation of art and avocation as visual artist is based on my interests in Cultural Phenomenology of Literature and Philosophy, in particular the new frontier of Philosophical Topology and Topological Philosophy. My works are conceptual art, exploring the interaction between image and text, simultaneous nature of communication as perception of qualia moments and experience. I am visual artist, philosopher and lawyer engaged in legal consulting & legal auditing services, eDiscovery Document Review Lawyer, providing services in blockchain applications in law and auditing, smart contracts. https://borislawart.weebly.com/events.html https://borislawart.weebly.com/blockchain-art.html