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  1. first i will say it is very risky business. Invest only that part of money that you can afford to loose. In crypto market any one who invest he/she think that with in short time my money will b 2x or 3x or even more. they forget it is market if it can give you 2x up it can also have ability to give you 3x down. when the see 2x down they got flustrated and quit. but they dont know its the time to put some more money in. And after some time market again go up and give profits to those who dont quit stay in with patience
  2. Now its the time of ArtByte

    yes i am totally agree with you frank. in trading patience is key to sucess.
  3. Now its the time of ArtByte

    yes you are right ABY is increasing gradually. last year it is increased by 760%. i hope this year it will again grow by 800% .
  4. Now its the time of ArtByte

    yes i think you are right currently it is traded over 5 exchanges. when number of exchanges on which aby is traded is increased lot more people will get intrested in aby and it will grow to moon ☺
  5. Hello ArtByte Lovers

    hello and welcome to Art byte forum. there is post on how to mine ABY. you can search if you cannot find that then i will help you
  6. buying artbyte

    yes you are right no one know about future we can only predict by seeing their past records and graphs. Aby has performed very well in past hope it will perform very good in future and yes its rule of trading that invest only that part of money which we can afford to loose
  7. Hello Artworld

    welcome frank to this forum. and thanks for growing our community. if you have any questions feel free to ask. all members are very helpful. Have a very good luck friend
  8. buying artbyte

    i am just buying some more Artbyte. Because i belive it will gilve me very good profit. what do you think i am right or wrong.
  9. Hello Artbyte community

    welcome to ArtByte forum. thanks for joining and becoming a part of this forum As our community grow. artbyte will grow and we will grow. If you have any problem feel free to ask
  10. this month many coins has given 2X, 3X even 4X gain. Now i think its the time of ArtByte it will give 300%(3X) gain. Does any one agree with me.
  11. Expectation from artbyte

    i think we should not see its value in usd. we should see its value in satoshi because value of every coin depends on bitcoin. see if u buy ABY at 0.01 usd or at 100 satoshi. if its rate become 150 satoshi but in usd it remain same 0.01 usd. even then we are in profit because our bit coin will b increased.
  12. as crypto market is rising how much you expect from artbyte at the end of this may. i'm holding some artbyte.
  13. Crypto market is rising

    You can join group but never trust blindly do your research you can check coins on coinmarketcap.com , coingecko.com etc. check their website upcoming news etc then buy. one more thing when a good coin in dip buy it and sell when you want but don't be greedy.
  14. Crypto market is rising

    i'm telling you one thing in trading never be greedy first rule. second select some good coins watch them how they rise and fall. buy when they are falling set your gole of 20-30% or how much you want then sell again wait for dip buy in dip and sell on rise. good luck. don't sell your coins in panic.
  15. bitcoin is growing day by day in very stable way i think it is now it is moving towards its new all time high. what you expect from bitcoin til the end of this month.