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  1. Do you belive that bitcoin will reach new all time high(ATH)at the end of this year.
  2. yes you are totally right brother
  3. no problem this is market brother no one can tell what is going to happen at next moment. you cannot enter or exit market at right time. just invest then wait and watch when you get some profit ( like 10 to 20%)then exit dont b greedy... and if you want more profit then go for long term and mid term any question feel free to ask invest only that part of money which you can afford to loose
  4. yes i totally agree with you we should wait i any market wait and watch is key to sucess
  5. Bitcoin ends first half of 2018 below $6,000

    i think from that point it will rise
  6. The big pump has happened, altcoins with double digit gains include Bitcoin Cash, Neo, Ethereum Classic, and Ontology The bounce was expected however the magnitude of it is a very positive sign. Markets have been plummeting for weeks, and are still very low, however the rebound was far bigger than the previous one indicating that this could be the reversal everybody has been waiting for. Bitcoin pumped $500 in about three hours which gives it a 9% gain on the day. Trading just below $5,900 this time yesterday it has now jumped back to the previous resistance level of just over $6,400. The rest of the altcoins naturally followed their master back up, with Ethereum jumping 7% to $450. Levels are still very low and may resume bearish momentum but the big pump is welcome news this Saturday morning.
  7. Bitcoin ended the first half of 2018 below the $6,000 mark. According to a report, the world’s largest cryptocurrency was priced at $5,862 on Friday. This was Bitcoin lowest price since November 2017. Since the beginning of this year, Bitcoin exchanges in Japan and South Korea have been hacked, which greatly reduced demand for the cryptocurrency. Security and regulatory concerns were raised after subsequent episodes were reported by institutions across the world.
  8. Colouring a Seahorse in Photoshop

    woww it is very nice work
  9. hope for good. i also think same like you
  10. yes you are right. I totally agree with you now a days any one doesnot talk about bitcoin.
  11. i think it is the right time to invest some money in bitcoin and altcoins. Because at that time market is down and also it looks like it will not go further down well it is market any thing can happen. so what do you think should we invest at that time or not.
  12. you are right. I also belive that at the end of this year bitcoin will make new ath
  13. hi everyone now lot of people is disapponted by bitcoin as it is not showing any upward any movent. Does any one know why bitcoin is not showing any upward movement.