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  1. Am Delighted

    You are highly welcome to the community. Enjoy
  2. I'm reading this book right now...

    Please I need it to add more knowledge on my financial education
  3. Ballet as a child

    I am a teacher is a particular school in Nigeria(Grange) in Lagos and there was a ballet instructor and the children there all fully involved.
  4. Daily Quotes

    A living dog is better than a dead lion.
  5. Right time to invest in crypto

    As for me this is the best time to invest because there is a fall at the market now and most of the coins now are under value
  6. My digital animals & illustrations

    You are most welcome to the aby community ,also a nice pics
  7. Zeus: Sketching Tutorial by me

    Thanks for the knowledge, have gotten a new idea on sketching
  8. Crypto market is green again

    What a great news, happy to hear that, so is good to have patient
  9. Festival of Colors- Watercolor on Paper

    I can see the Joy of African children written all over their faceses,that means their hope for all Africans.nice work
  10. Daily Quotes

    The journey of a thousand miles begins a day
  11. Free artbyte

    Yes artbtye gives free coins but not anyhow, before you are given any coin you must post something reasonable, comments on point, also frequent posting of nice things and write up

    I think it is technical issues ,not just that they have forgotten about it but very soon the moderators will start again
  13. Do you notice as well

    You are right about that but also comes up some other days
  14. Introduction

    Welcome to the forum and what a beautiful work of art
  15. North Dakota Artist

    Welcome to artbtye forum