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2015 & 2016 Avi Choice Nominee Favorite Country Singer♬
 ♬ 2016 Avi Choice Nominee Favorite Female Singer♬ 
To say Belinda Portland was born into music is an accurate statement.  Her dad, an accomplished musician, taught by the great Myron Floren, was invited to play with the Lawrence Welk Orchestra. His encyclopedic knowledge of music and styles permeates her song list.  One grandmother was a main church soloist, the other was a locally renowned lounge singer. That combination provided the deceptive power that lurks behind that soft and smooth delivery.  
Belinda's first love in music, remains her main genres of choice,Country Classics and Oldies.  Dubbed "Little Patsy" she started on stage early, her Uncle sneaking her into local bars to sing with his band, at the age of 7 years old. This led to many years on stage with local performance troupes. and finally to Second Life where she continues to enthrall audiences with her radio-like performances.