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  1. withdraw from reddit

    thank you,regards.
  2. withdraw from reddit

    hello,I received the deposit address by ArtistGift.How can I receive as money?Is possible with paypal? roberta
  3. question

    many thanks ,I've the address to deposit coin but I don't understand where is the form,or the tab I don't know,in my online wallet...:D
  4. question

    ok,I did on Artbyte (formerly Applebyte).There is an address (different from that who reddit gave me to withdraw) with a default label.How can I withdraw some coins reddit gave me?Thanks
  5. question

    hello,I'm registered on wallet.applebyte.me (thank you all for your advise).From Reddit,they gave me the deposit address and told me to deposit coins into my AppleByte tipping wallet.Kindly could you explain me this step?
  6. sitimaryanah9 New Member

    I made,thank you for your kind help
  7. question

  8. question

  9. Abass is here

    I'm like you,I've to learn too;)
  10. I introduce myself

    I was born in Florence,Italy (1975). I started to draw since at 3-4 years old ,with imaginary world inspired from cartoon- movies. I'm graduated from the Academy of Fine arts in Florence on 1998,with maximum of votes. At the beginning of my career I'm started with drawing for private commissions (wine labels,portraits,art copies and sketches for stained-glass window). Since the years 1999 I've been worked as wall-decorator for private houses in Italy and foreign countries. Winning some prizes (on 2010 : ranks fifth in the competition Illustration "Immaginare il tempo" municipality of Trivignano Udinese, and other artistic contests in Florence) encouraged me to improving in the artistic field of illustration. Currently I'm working on an illustration project I called "Clarabù",further on I'll show new pics about and explanations,comments too. Thank you very much for your kind feedbacks My personal artistic quote is : “Imagination is the first goal..but she has to find me” Credits:Fotoedizioni Srl,Aletti publisher,Masso delle fate publisher,Emma White(Italy),Pezalli(India),Óðinsauga publisher(Iceland)Azeeda(UK limited company). My ArtByte wallet: ANay86QhZRjNgSDZRxiofXHGjocaoX1hSF
  11. question

    Hello,I'm an illustrator,signed up on Reddit.I receive some artbytes from a fan.I have installed the wallet..but I don'y know hoe receive the artbytes. If someone could advise me...thanks!roberta