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  1. Congrats, that is quite a lot. Gotta step up my game.
  2. New ArtByter!

    Welcome aboard. I'll double down on this message. Looking forward to seeing your art.
  3. 'Jelly Jellies' Released At Last!

    I remember that first post, so I am glad to see it is out for the world to see and play now. I don't play mobile games, but I know a few people who like this type of game I can share it with.
  4. hello i just join

    Welcome aboard, hope you can learn about crypto here.
  5. Vicente Romero, 1956 | Figurative painter

    Really nice and interesting stuff, I'll have to go about looking into his life and work a bit more.
  6. bitcoin doesnot show any upward movement

    Today has one of the best percentage jumps, but overall the trend of the last few weeks seems to be continuing downward. A few more bumps up like this though and things could easily start heading upward again.
  7. Daily Quotes

    Desire itself is an inspiration.
  8. Daily Quotes

    To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life.
  9. Party Animals Sketches

    From the album My Various Works

    Some concepts I sketched up for little cartoon animals created for a client's party business. These would go on to be full color vector designs for hats and cups and plates etc.
  10. New ArtByte Video

    Definitely very clear and concise, and quality work. I don't know if we had Segwit capable options previously, but I am glad to know of it now if I ever need it for future interactions.

    Welcome aboard. Whenever you get the chance to share your dancing here I'll look forward to watching, especially if its to good music.
  12. Brunchopotamus

    From the album My Various Works

    A shirt design done up for a client that also happened to have a name close to my own.
  13. Daily Quotes

    Between your dreams in the sky and your reality on the ground is your future, the horizon.
  14. ACE Fantasy

    Don't worry about your English, it seems to be good enough, and your art can help speak for you as well. Also welcome to the forum.
  15. Dead Frogs

    From the album My Various Works

    A logo done up for a podcast.
  16. Daily Quotes

    Many are willing to suffer for their art. Few are willing to learn to draw.
  17. Mindblown

    Looks like you have some good layering going, which is often missed in acrylic. Keep it up.
  18. Dead Frogs Podcast - Designs

    I recently did some design work creating an illustrated mascot/logo for a podcast and designing a twitter header for them as well. It is a show about analyzing comedy to death with the quote below by E.B. White being their inspiration and their namesake. They are just starting out so they are a bit rough around the edges, but it has the potential to turn into something great once they get their on air persona's and routine down. Here is their twitter which has a link to their streaming site if anyone wishes to take a listen. https://twitter.com/dead_frogs
  19. Didn't Make The Cut

    I'll echo this comment, but with a slight twist. Go into everything trying to eclipse your previous work, but understand that if you don't end up making something great, you are learning how to avoid making those same mistakes again. Your experience will grow and it will show in the work your next potential clients see.
  20. Daily Quotes

    Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes. - Oscar Wilde
  21. Charcoal on Paper

    Very nice as always. I'd be tempted to throw in some white streaks of rain and a little more of that background shading you have going to set up a three dimensional space for him to sit in. Having said that though, it is also good as is in a very stark way with the crisp and present figure standing out against the background, without any extra fluff thrown in.
  22. A Me of Most Trades

    Hello, everyone. My name is Andrew Pydynkowski, and I create traditional and digital art along with some work in areas of graphic design such as logos. I am from central Minnesota, and graduated from college with a BFA in 2D Studio Art, but plan on going back for a Mixed Media or Graphic Design BFA followed up with an MFA eventually... hopefully. Most of what I used to make was random at the best of times; my main problem being I prefer to switch around my mediums and styles in which I work. My senior review professor said my studio looked like it was shared by 10 different artists, which is a nice double-edged sword of a phrase. Currently most of my art is made at the request of others, and I have lacked the motivation to create on my own time for my own purposes. After college I have been out of the loop from any real artist community and it has added to the things that hinder my work. Hopefully being part of a good artist community again such as here on these forums can allow me to build up some inspiration and confidence, and to in turn give the same back to others. So I look forward to talking shop and more with everyone on their artwork. You can check out some of my work here at my website. Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope to see you all around. Wallet: AQrmFhCxQ8NBmnwSVpgFyJUTJ8ptABdJvo
  23. 'Jelly Jellies' Mobile Game

    Nice animations. I don't play mobile games, but I can at least tell this was made well visually.
  24. Is This True?? artist life ???

    Cats do love art.
  25. Mr. Whiskers

    From the album My Various Works

    A Certified Master Chef, Mr. Whiskers is ready to whip up any meal whenever and if-ever he ever feels like it. https://www.redbubble.com/people/monkopotamus/works/31668356-mr-whiskers?asc=u