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  1. Market is showing up trend

    When it was down it was certainly a good time to buy in, and it still is, especially if the trend keeps up. Time will tell.
  2. Daily Quotes

    It may be more difficult or sometimes even impossible to do something later, which can be done easily now.
  3. home of artist Jackson Pollock limits visitors

    I agree, if they can park in a more public or business oriented area and take a bus or shuttle service they could solve their problems and still keep the popularity of the tours going strong.
  4. hi everybody

    Welcome aboard. Don't forget to include your wallet address here and on your profile so you can receive tips. I look forward to seeing some of your art.
  5. José Ferraz de Almeida Júnior | Brazilian

    Very nice overview, glad you seek this stuff out. Definitely some very interesting stuff, really shows the heart of the people depicted.
  6. Daily Quotes

    Every successful piece of work stirs the desire for greater perfection and deeper inspiration; each new form becomes the herald of new possibilities of development.
  7. Fabian Perez | Abstract Figurative

    I really like a 1/3rd of those painting, am fine with another 1/3rd, and kinda hate the last 1/3rd. Even though they are all pretty much the same style, it's almost as if some are just someone trying to copy his work, I don't know how to explain it other than that. Interesting stuff nevertheless.
  8. Hello, people.

    Welcome aboard. I like the painting and please continue to share your work. To get your artbytes from you Reddit Wallet to your new Forum Wallet you'll need to go on Reddit and send the following message to the ArtistGift account that told you of the Artbyte tip. +withdraw YOURWALLETADDRESSHERE ALL applebytes --- instead of ALL you can type a number for to withdraw a specific amount from your tip wallet on reddit. Also your above address is your wallet address for here and not reddit.
  9. Buy and sell artbytes

    Artbyte has definitely seen the benefits by the stop in price dropping, even recovering and leveling out quite well in relation to the market recently I agree that where Bitcoin goes the market will follow in general, but if something interesting can happen in the news or other coin changes then it could move in interesting ways.
  10. Watercolor on Paper | Harbour

    Very nice and well detailed piece. If this is just still in progress I can't wait to see the finished image.
  11. Daily Quotes

    Inspiration is the windfall from hard work and focus. Muses are too unreliable to keep on the payroll.
  12. “Bathed in Light” - Digital Portrait

    Another great piece and video to boot.
  13. My latest digital portrait

    Very nice work. And your Youtube videos are just the way I like them, just the straight forward normal creation process, no skipping around, no rambling voice over.
  14. Hello! I am a musician.

    Welcome aboard. Your music reminds me of some tracks I heard in an online music maker site some years back that let you experiment with good sounds, fun stuff.
  15. Iranian gallerists released on bail

    Hopefully all the attention this has gathered in and outside the country will lead to some changes, both in their society and the way the art community there stands up for itself. Especially as they mentioned it may affect those returning to the country who wish to improve the situation there.