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  1. Hello ArtByte Community!

    Welcome aboard, can't wait till you share you music so we can check it out.
  2. My Various Works

    The wide variety of my works all in one place, from sketches to personal and professional projects.
  3. Edward Mitchell Bannister | Tonalist painter

    Very nice stuff, a lot of warmth in colors from most of the pictures, even the dark night images. Also good find with just the sheer number of paintings.
  4. Daily Quotes

    True originality consists not in a new manner but in a new vision.
  5. Congrats, that is quite a lot. Gotta step up my game.
  6. New ArtByter!

    Welcome aboard. I'll double down on this message. Looking forward to seeing your art.
  7. 'Jelly Jellies' Released At Last!

    I remember that first post, so I am glad to see it is out for the world to see and play now. I don't play mobile games, but I know a few people who like this type of game I can share it with.
  8. hello i just join

    Welcome aboard, hope you can learn about crypto here.
  9. Vicente Romero, 1956 | Figurative painter

    Really nice and interesting stuff, I'll have to go about looking into his life and work a bit more.
  10. bitcoin doesnot show any upward movement

    Today has one of the best percentage jumps, but overall the trend of the last few weeks seems to be continuing downward. A few more bumps up like this though and things could easily start heading upward again.
  11. Daily Quotes

    Desire itself is an inspiration.
  12. Daily Quotes

    To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life.
  13. New ArtByte Video

    Definitely very clear and concise, and quality work. I don't know if we had Segwit capable options previously, but I am glad to know of it now if I ever need it for future interactions.

    Welcome aboard. Whenever you get the chance to share your dancing here I'll look forward to watching, especially if its to good music.
  15. Daily Quotes

    Between your dreams in the sky and your reality on the ground is your future, the horizon.