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  1. Charcoal on Paper

    Very nice as always. I'd be tempted to throw in some white streaks of rain and a little more of that background shading you have going to set up a three dimensional space for him to sit in. Having said that though, it is also good as is in a very stark way with the crisp and present figure standing out against the background, without any extra fluff thrown in.
  2. 'Jelly Jellies' Mobile Game

    Nice animations. I don't play mobile games, but I can at least tell this was made well visually.
  3. Is This True?? artist life ???

    Cats do love art.
  4. A Me of Most Trades

    The most recent piece I made. My sister wanted something/anything I made, to have on a shirt as she travels overseas in a few weeks. So I made this for her.
  5. My Various Works

    The wide variety of my works all in one place, from sketches to personal and professional projects.
  6. Mixing oil colours to get green

    Nice demo. My oils are still sitting on a shelf untouched, I'd have to supplement some more colors in to get a full range of colors though, even through mixes.
  7. Daily Quotes

    It basically means that when things in life seem to be going wrong, take it as an opportunity to learn how you can do things right the next time you try.
  8. Oceana, drawings to color!

    Nice work. I'll send a friend this link, they are very into coloring intricate mandalas and other patterned images, so this is right up their alley.
  9. Daily Quotes

    Every time we get slapped down, we can say, Thank you Mother Nature, because it means we're about to learn something important.
  10. Michael Cheval | Playhouse of Quintessence

    These are some very well executed pieces visually and technically, but only a few speak to me with any significant meaning. But it is always good to expand the styles one is exposed to so I'll happily take the whole thing in.
  11. parkerquink draws

    Here is the gallery as a link. Though I see you joined back in January, I am glad you are sharing your work now, welcome aboard.
  12. The first option seems a lot more sensible for the site as of right now without a "however" attached to its capabilities. However... I do like the one click and done portion of the second option, just not the extra wallet setups for artists and fans.
  13. Daily Quotes

    When in doubt, make a fool of yourself. There is a microscopically thin line between being brilliantly creative and acting like the most gigantic idiot on earth. So what the hell, leap.
  14. Tipping buskers using ArtByte?

    This is definitely something that would be worth putting into practice. That would good for some of the art crawls that happen around here, a lot of artists working outside during those events.
  15. I agree. An acquaintance of mine released a VR game recently which focuses on users creating their own experience with music to share with others. It still needs some polish from what I hear and they are currently still working on it with further developments and updates, but the video examples are interesting to look at http://store.steampowered.com/app/778710/Tunescape/ Could be really be something great in the near future.