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  1. I lost to cancer

    It all started with a strange feeling A feeling that will soon strangle you Like a stranger in his land He didn't care for a minute He did give it a second thought You invaded his privacy or is it The other way round. Don't matter. What matters is that you are here Bound by his chains Tied down like a cow in a slaughter Eating you up slowly, with no mercy There's pain, but no gain Except for a multitude of loses He doesn't care He likes it when you fear him Coz fear is what will knock you Down on your knee then on your bed And finally down to your grave You know not much about him He knows that, He knows you lack that knowledge He knows you lack that weapon To fight him Yes, you have the capability But fear, awareness and weapon Is what will let you down So equip yourself Be courageous And spread the news out there And most importantly Talk to your Creator to give a way forward #weCANCERvive Spread the message @Martinshmurda