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  1. Fantasy girl casting spell

    I did something different. Id appreciate if you take a look https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Gwm1B
  2. Fantasy girl casting spell

    This one took quite a while to finish. You can see the progress images here :Artstation
  3. Fantasy girl casting spell

    You dont need that really,, I started with Genius M610x,, then I got myself a Wacom intuos pro. You get the same result, its just a matter of comfort
  4. Fantasy girl casting spell

    I do RPG work from time to time, this one was done for an indie RPG from Czech Republic, strongly based on DnD. Bigger Resolution
  5. Fantasy girl casting spell

    Im planning to test some other programs as well, its that Im so used to PS interface, that its hard for me to learn new . especially shortcuts and wacom settings.
  6. Fantasy girl casting spell

    Thank you! Just Photoshop CS5 and my Cintiq 13
  7. Fantasy girl casting spell

    Hello! Not yet, But Im getting there The most successful project I have worked on yet is Clank! Board game and its expansions.
  8. Fantasy girl casting spell

    Im sorry for the lack of the creativity with the name. Im an illustrator from Slovakia, doing art mostly for games /board games, card games, RPGs you name it/ sometimes for books or CDs, like Jack of all trades in fantasy genre. First of all , thank you for stumbling upon my work. ALRSFZrmCdWixmTi4AV1uRbqqhH4hd4SZP You can watch me on IG @Artdeepmind or my Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/lerastislav