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  1. Best ABY Storage. Opinions?

    Thank you for the information Now, I'm not yet to use desktop wallet. But for the future I must use this wallet
  2. Best ABY Storage. Opinions?

    Okay Sir, I will try as soon as possible I will try your suggest. Thanks a lot
  3. Best ABY Storage. Opinions?

    Yes, I yet to download desktop wallet. Thanks for your suggest
  4. Hello, I'm new here

    Hehehe, thank you for appreciate me
  5. Best ABY Storage. Opinions?

    Talk about ABY storage, I want to ask here. Between wallet desktop and online wallet is there the security system? For example as use google auntheticator. Or nothing security verification?
  6. Hello, I'm new here

    I'm not understand guys waht do you mean. I'm sorry
  7. I will use Artbyte in my startup project

    Good Luck for your project. I hope can launching soon
  8. Hello!

    Welcome to ABY forum, glad to know you. Enjoy here
  9. Metatron's cube original painting

    You are creative person, detail in painting and anyway this is awesome. Perfect picture
  10. I listened to this music today

    Good lyrics. I listening this music for the first time. Great work
  11. You'r opinion about art.

    Like everything about art, I need fine arts and musical arts in my life. I love photography in specially, and I'm still learning about photography
  12. What year

    Same with me, I've also started early this year. And I also like a photography but I am still have much to learn about the world of photography
  13. What is Art all about

    Art is everything created by human contains elements beauty, nature, creativity, etc Types of art has 5 the branch of the following the fine arts, musical arts, the art of theater, the dance, the art of literature.
  14. I'm agree and I believe your idea would help artbyte for future and I think that is a good idea. This is real !!
  15. Dessert - Dawin ft.Silento / Lia Kim Choreography

    I like this, great dance