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  1. Art

    Collection of frogs with beautiful colour. You're a genius in making. Ride on
  2. Cosmic Time

    The picture look work symbol or map.keep it up
  3. Perspective

    The picture look like underground motor road.nice job.
  4. New Modern

    The brown colour image at the back look like Carmel while the yellow circle look like ring.anyways good job
  5. Wild Flower

    The messa message you are passing across is not crystal clear but the image look is ok
  6. Gardens of Balchik

    It look like pedestrian bridge.good job
  7. Black Swirl

    I will like to see more of it.ride on
  8. My work

    Your work makes a different. Good job.keep it up
  9. The Garden

    Genius like you are not common. Nice and neat job.keep the work forward
  10. Just a little sample of Watercolors

    You're gifted. Good work with watercolour,just keep it up
  11. Vibranium 2

    The image resemble the head of a cobra. Nevertheles its beautiful
  12. 1

    Unique picture that we make you think about nice moment