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  1. What art made me

  2. Introducing me n my artbyte

    Hey Nora, you are so so welcome the this forum. Hope you will enjoy your stay here
  3. Introducing me n my artbyte

    Welcome to artbite
  4. hi to all good people here

    You are welcome. Don't worry a long journey starts with a step. Enjoy ur stay
  5. I just started a few minutes ago.

    Welcome to art world
  6. Why is Modern Art so Bad?

    I think I will have to disagree on this. On the contrary, act for me has been so good and wonderful. More innovations are coming up and it's helping every one who are involve
  7. ART lowers Stress

  8. Daily Quotes

    Never give up even when the going is tough, at the finishing line awaits a trophy
  9. You'r opinion about art.

    U are in my world. Music is my favorite
  10. Why is Modern Art so Bad?

    Art, back then had lots of value, I only wonder what happen that made it so cheap and irrelevant this days
  11. ART lowers Stress

    Doing what you love doing ease ones mind
  12. Hello, everybody!

    Welcome here
  13. here i am newcomer artist

    Adekunle, you are welcome
  14. Anne make-up artistry

    Welcome beautician, artbyte welcome you