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  1. My Art

  2. Hello artbyte

  3. New Wear Artwork

    Please teach me is there clearly superfluous?? I want to learn more.
  4. New Wear Artwork

    Oh,Thanks ArjenDesign! I'm Printing Designer. Tshirt ,phonecase, sticker, etc. There are pictures to wear. Our brand's exclusive model is wearing. Please check it.
  5. New Wear Artwork

    Oh,Thank you for teaching me. Try immediately. Thanks Regards.
  6. New Wear Artwork

    wrong post
  7. New Wear Artwork

    Hi,Jolie! Thank you for Reply. My job is Design Picture for printing. example, Tshirt ,Sweat, Parka ,Phonecase, Car window art,etc. However, it is not yet famous though.
  8. New Wear Artwork

    Please Check my Art! I wonder if the job will come from the high brand? (sorry,use Google translation ...) twitter:@mtp_japan AXwGB33UnL3xLaUxBrsdoSZ7wPwMAqtFPv