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  1. World from above - Aerial Cinematrography

    Amazing vid from an amazing site. Love your work and how the pics sync with music! Great!
  2. I'm here

    Welcome to that great forum! I hope you'll like it as much as I do...
  3. ArtByte Vs BTC Vs LTC Vs ETH

    I hope you're right. I'm more than ready for the next rise! *sigh* It's difficult for an impatient person like me to wait for the next rise. But I try to practice patience and see the investment in cryptocurrencies as longterm. I totally believe in the power and the future of cryptos and especially ArtByte as a coin for supporting artists.
  4. Nice to meet you!

    LOVE your music! Great style! (PS: LOVE YOUR HAIR <3 )

    Welcome to the forum. Just watched ur videos. Great work. You're talented. Keep going
  6. ArtByte Vs BTC Vs LTC Vs ETH

    I knew ABY was rising very much but I didn't knew it was THAT much. So thank you for sharing that vid, let's hope for even higher rise this year...
  7. My new Watercolor work in process

    I love the colours, especially the orange. Thanks for sharing your work and the technique u used
  8. New Three-Dimensional Murals by Peeta

    This is aewsome! I LOVE murals and these are amazing work!
  9. Giuseppe Muscio | Hyperrealist Painter

    I'm totally amazed! Thank you for sharing your wonderful work! <3
  10. I'm a holder so I totally agree. All my investments are long term. I tried making some money buying and selling cryptos, but it's very thrilling and costed much energy so I decided to no longer trade but to hodl.
  11. Hello World!

    Welcome to the ArtByte forum!
  12. Congratulation! Keep up the good work!
  13. Portrait of a young woman

    Thanks for sharing this. Loved to see the steps...
  14. Some more adult only edited photos online now!

    Thanks for sharing.
  15. Is This True?? artist life ???

    Personally I'd definitely choose the artist before every car owning, boat-owning guy... So, maybe I should consider I'm a cat inside?