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  1. So i'm back to the ArtByte world again with some new art after my experience with music. i've been wondering why don't i make my own t-shirt designs instead of looking for a good print in stores; so a friend told me to do so and upload them to Amazon. So that's what i have done! Today i've got my first T-shirt out on Amazon and it's specially made for cat loving. Because my cat is eating the whole day lol. I think it's really cool! If you are a cat person and you like it can get yours from here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FSHHC46?ref_=pe_2196150_146773810 for only 13.99$ And keep tuned because i'm doing more unique special designs for T-shirts!
  2. T-shirt Designs

    it's for 13.99$. Message me if you want it.
  3. T-shirt Designs

    No, i don't know. how can i do this?
  4. Back Again!

    Hello again me beloved community i've been absent for a while but it's time to come back with some new art work you will definetly like. Stay tuned
  5. I recently have been doing some T-shirt designs for myself and currently uploading them to Amazon for sell. So i've been thinking of returning favor for ArtByte and making a cool designed shirt and it can be available on Amazon for a low price (Not more than 14.99$) I need to know if you people like this idea. And if you do i can start working on this in the shortest time. Guaranteed quality for printing and t-shirt. Let me know what you think!
  6. T-shirt Designs

    It's for about 3000 aby. but unfortunately i couldn't make it sell with aby so at the moment you can only get it for dollars
  7. T-shirt Designs

    No i'm currently selling on Amazon. Here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FSHHC46?ref_=pe_2196150_146773810 you can buy the first t-shirt i put on Amazon and more to come.
  8. I introduce myself

    you are more than welcome in this forum. great work too!
  9. Baseball Tee Designs

    this is awesome. do you ship abroad?
  10. Colorful Death

    interesting i may wanna learn how to do this
  11. showcase model

    Beautiful !
  12. i go to live shows 2 times a month mostly indie rock and metal music
  13. Introducing myself

    welcome dude
  14. Art lover is here.

    Welcome Francisa. Looking forward to see your work here!