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    Cats and movies.
  1. I introduce myself

    you are more than welcome in this forum. great work too!
  2. Baseball Tee Designs

    this is awesome. do you ship abroad?
  3. Colorful Death

    interesting i may wanna learn how to do this
  4. showcase model

    Beautiful !
  5. i go to live shows 2 times a month mostly indie rock and metal music
  6. Introducing myself

    welcome dude
  7. Really appreciate your hardworking. Waiting for better to come.
  8. Art lover is here.

    Welcome Francisa. Looking forward to see your work here!
  9. 2018 Grammys

    Yeah Kendrick is trying new stuff, if you like classics you wouldn't like that ofc
  10. 2018 Grammys

    Exactly, that's the whole point. Just because he hates the popo
  11. 2018 Grammys

    Yeah Bruno Mars is an amazing singer and i do love him, but i think that Kendrick is taking it to a new level of greatness
  12. joining artbytes

    Hello and welcome!
  13. 2018 Grammys

    I just watched Kendrick Lamar's performance fro 2018 Grammys, and man it's unbelievable! He is a goddamn legend! Also i think his album "DAMN." should have won best album. Tell me what did you like most in this year's Grammys. Enjoy watching Kendrick's performance

    LoFi is great. i love xxxtentacion and joji.