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    Hi all! I am a multimedia digital artist and designer who specializes in various stylistic illustrations and visual design, and I am also proficient in video editing and 3D modeling. With years of experience in advertising and animation industries, I get used to explore and master the efficient way of creation. Currently I am working on my own personal manga. Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bingtsuiart/ My ArtByte wallet address AUUxaHN9qnmVaiw9PYkEiGkBRw7jFjepCb
  2. Sketches by Ginger Strivelli

    Learning anatomy may do the help
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    All about THE ART
  4. HEY EVERYONE!! I am Bing and I am an artist and designer. I do digital illustration and comic sometimes video editing. Here s my Instagram and artwork https://www.instagram.com/bingtsuiart/ My ArtByte Code is AUUxaHN9qnmVaiw9PYkEiGkBRw7jFjepCb