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  1. Great congratulations! All thanks to Artbyte foundation, they can still give out this, even when aby is $2 per block.
  2. Please people let's learn how to navigate on this forum. And not create confusion. This section is for introduction of new artists or members. If you have introduced yourself, portfolio and sample of work before, do not start a new post again in this section, except you want to welcome a new member that just introduced himself, and it should be under the new members introduction post. You can now post you NEW WORKS in the NEW PROJECT section under the ARTIST CAFE option. Thanks
  3. ArtByte is halving in 5 weeks or so

    What's the update on the halving of artbyte?
  4. hi to all good people here

    Welcome to the forum now.
  5. I just started a few minutes ago.

    Welcome to the forums with your great talent.
  6. Hello, I'm Blaine Prescott, painter and visual artist.

    Woooooow! This is amazing. I Welcome u to the forum sir.
  7. My friend mentioned crypto blood bath, that affected artbyte too?

    Its the lords doing dear! Thanks for your support.
  9. I extend my warm appreciation to the artbyte foundation, and the entire crew, the wonderful members here and my friend who introduced me to artbyte! Kudos pals...

    Thanks alot, am in tears!
  11. Mexico Expat Mom of 4, Sharing My Love of Photography :-)

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  12. Do you notice as well

    Exactly, and the blood bath is terrible. But beneficial for anyone who wants to invest.
  13. am new in the forum

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  14. I'm confused

    Motivating, thanks
  15. New user

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